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Thank you all for your great comments! Sound like either CC or Bluestar would work well for my needs. My sister has a BS but it does not have convection which might be why she has challenges baking on a full sheet. I wish CC had been around longer to have a sense of its durability. Has anyone heard about any support issues with either BS or CC? I read the blogs around the first models having some issues in late 2010 but nothing since then.

Dec 18, 2011
islandlady in Cookware


New house needs new range. I only have LP option, no natural gas. I used to have the Dacor duel fuel and loved it because they had a gas broiler with an electric oven. No longer an option. I like to bake, roast, and wok cooking so high power burner a big plus. LP seems to run colder than natural and I make a lot of pasta and don't want to wait for the water to come to a boil. I have done a lot of research and it seems like non cover all my "wish list". So far have identified the following pros/cons but am still struggling with a decision with so many options:

- Bluestar - pros : 22K burner, infrared broiler, oven large enough to fit a full sheet pan even in the 48". cons: cooking on a full sheet pan does not cook evenly and pans have to be turned mid cycle, broiler is smallest in the business so provide small broiler area, open burners seem like they would be a hassle to clean but could live with them.

- Wolf - pros: quality, closed burners, looks. cons: smaller oven than Bluestar, lower burner power 16K.

- Capital - Pros: All 23K burners?, a rotisseire, moist baking/roasting (not sure exactly what this is), looks. Cons: new to my list and I know nothing about them.

If burner high heat and good baking oven are both top priorities, any opinions on which is the best way to go?

Dec 10, 2011
islandlady in Cookware