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Hudson/Marlborough, MA Fish Market Meat Market Farm stand?

we live in marlborough,so here's a few suggestions-kennedys is good,especially their fish,but they are expensive. quality is very good,tho. for butchers,go to lowes meat market in northboro. takes 10 minutes to get there and they also do prepared meals,fresh bread,soups,and sandwiches. what we really like about them,is they do freezer packages for meats if you have a large(or extra freezer). they'll also do it with the fish. not really any good fish markets around here,unfortunately. stay away from price choppers fish-comes in frozen. sudbury farms in sudbury has good deli counter and good fish selection. try silvas store-small family business,but good meats and you can do larger orders and they'll cryovac the meats. really nice family and it's good to help a small business. it's on the left heading toward home depot.(after burger king and across from walgreens) farm stands-ferjulians is pretty good-small selection and they open late in the season for fruits and vegetables. middle of may and they only have flowers and plants. berlin orchards,bolton orchards,and verrill farm are pretty good,especially verrills.(have flowers,vegetables,fruits-all reaaly good selectios,too. they also have stuff for kids(shows,animals) and cooking classes,etc. just google them for directions-none are that far. sorry if i rambled,but hope this helps a little.

May 17, 2012
robert695 in Greater Boston Area