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Bread for Easter Dinner

My sister-in-law has asked me to bring bread to her Easter dinner. She'll be serving ham. I'm thinking of bringing potato bread, maybe a plain loaf and a raisin loaf with icing. Usually I bring rolls to this sort of dinner. Does anyone have experience with the ease of serving bread loaves? Do you let guests slice their own bread at the buffet? Any recipe suggestions, especially for a basic bread that can have one loaf made into a raisin bread? Does icing seem too heavy for dinner? Thank you in advance for your thoughts/ suggestions.

Mar 31, 2015
DLynne in Home Cooking

Where can I buy smoked Finn and Haddie?

My mother grew up eating poached Finn and Haddie on Christmas morning. The dish was a favorite of her father, who was born in London. I was hoping to buy her some for Christmas.

Best Flour for Parker House Rolls, Other Ingrediants

Thank you to everyone who responded. You've been very helpful!

Nov 25, 2014
DLynne in Home Cooking

Best Flour for Parker House Rolls, Other Ingrediants

I don't have KA AP on hand. Do you think any AP will do, or do you recommend I get to the store? I know the KA bread flour can't be matched.

Nov 25, 2014
DLynne in Home Cooking

Best Flour for Parker House Rolls, Other Ingrediants

Thank you!

Nov 25, 2014
DLynne in Home Cooking

Best Flour for Parker House Rolls, Other Ingrediants

Have been asked to contribute rolls to Thanksgiving dinner. Can someone advise on whether to use bread flour or all purpose or a combination? Also, does the dough usually have an egg in it? Finally, I see a King Author Flour recipe calling for mashed potato flakes; what quality would the potatatoes give to the rolls? Thank you. Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov 25, 2014
DLynne in Home Cooking

Can Anyone Offer More Information About "King Syrup"

Thank you. This looks like an interesting article. I'll sit down and read it carefully later today.

What's a "Normal" Knead-cycle on a Breadmachine?

Maybe I've just never noticed before, but when I set my machine to "Dough" today, my machine kneaded my dough for twenty minutes. Also, while it pulsed and rested for a minute or two at first, the rest of the time the paddle turned without pause.

I'm using a Sunbeam 5891 2-pound machine, but I imagine that those of you using other machine can maybe answer my question.

Thank you. I appreciate the helpful responses to my previous request for advice on make smaller pies.

Jul 12, 2012
DLynne in Home Cooking

How to Make a Smaller Pie

I'd like to be able to bake a small fruit or custard pie of about four to six servings. The standard 9 1/2 inch pie plate makes about eight to ten servings, which is too much for my husband and me to have on hand. Any tips on what size pan I'd want and where I might buy it? Also, do your know whether scaling down a pie recipe would affect its baking time or not? If anyone has specific recipes to go along with a suggested pie plate, that would be great. Thank you.

Jul 08, 2012
DLynne in Home Cooking

Best Brand of Linguica in the New Bedford Area [moved from Boston]

I'm visiting the Cape and want to take some linguica home with me. Can anyone suggest a preferred brand? Is there any method of cooking that would eliminate some of the saltiness? Thanks.

Jun 16, 2012
DLynne in Southern New England

Best Feta Baltimore

I recommend the homemade "Barrel Feta" sold at the Greek Village Bakery, 4711 Eastern Avenue
Baltimore, Md. 21224 (George Avgerinos, 410-675-8155).

Chilean empanadas

I once bought a delicious Chilean empanada at the Taste of Wheaton Day from El Pollo Sabroso (the restaurant's on Grandview). Except for the fact that it had an olive with a seed inside of it, biting into it was a wonderful experience. I later tried to buy one at the restaurant, but they said the empanadas weren't ready yet that day, and I didn't want to wait. Because they might not be available, I wouldn't recommend going to Wheaton just to buy the turnovers, but if you're in the area, you could check in. El Pollo Sabroso, by the way, is an inexpensive and tasty little restaurant, but you have to be able to make yourself comfortable in a heavy bar-atmosphere.

Jus De Poulet versus Glace De Poulet

Can someone familiar with the "More Than Gourmet" products tell me how use of "Jus De Poulet" would differ from use of "Glace De Poulet"? Would the Glace lend itself to more multipurpose uses, either good in a stock or in a sauce that is thickened by another ingredient? Thank you.

May 19, 2012
DLynne in Home Cooking

Good, Fun Restaurants in DC

We took our son and guests for Sunday brunch at Levante's in Dupont Circle a few years ago. Levante's has a Mediterranean-style buffet. Service was a bit slow (warm bread and mimosas are brought to the table), but we had a good time. The atmosphere was lively but not too noisy for conversation.

We also considered Lauriol Plaza, between Adams Moran and Dupont Circle, another lively restaurant. They offer a brunch menu as well as their usual Spanish and Latin American entrees. Ordering from a menu can be easier than a buffet or some members of a group.

Need to Buy a Birthday Cake, Rockville Area

My husband's putting down a kitchen floor, and my son and his girlfriend are coming over tomorrow to celebrate his birthday. I'm not going to be able to bake a cake, so I need to get him one from a local supermarket, or other store that's easy to get to, preferably in the Rockville area. Does anyone think that one grocery store chain has better cakes than another (Safeway, Giant, Magruder's, Whole Foods, Harris Teeter)? Has anyone tried the cakes from the Rodman's bakery on Veirs Mill Rd.? Any other local bakeries I should consider? I'm not looking for gourmet, just something that doesn't taste as though its iced with Crisco. Thanks for your help.

Dim Sum

I went to the Silver Fountain for the first time last weekend. I didn't care for it nearly as much as New Fortune or Good Fortune. I thought the dishes seemed "unseasoned," no flavor of garlic, ginger, or cilantro, tastes I've come to associate with dim sum.

Rose Water

I've bought Rose Water and Orange Blossom Water at Sam's Cafe on Rockville Pike and at Yekta Market, also on the Pike. I think Thomas's Market on University Blvd. in Wheaton might sell these also. I don't know about whether or not they contain glycerin. .

Can Anyone Offer More Information About "King Syrup"

I just bought a 32oz. bottle of King Syrup at Gourmet Giant on Rockville Pike. The red label with the lion face looked so interesting, and I thought I remember seeing it called for in a recipe for a New Orleans King's Cake. Now, I'm wondering what I will do with it. It looks as though it will be good on pancakes. I grew up in the DC area but can't say I have any memory of using this syrup as a kid. A quick search online suggests that it hails from Baltimore. Apparently, it once came only in a glass bottle, though, mine's in a plastic one. Any history, local stories, or recipes for this product would be appreciated.