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Broth from Frozen Chicken

Made chicken broth from frozen chicken parts. Can I freeze the resulting broth

Feb 08, 2014
BrittanyHound in Home Cooking

beef stew has a sour taste- help?

Leave out onion soup mix. Replace with carmelized onion and the carrots as suggested earlier. Add some red wine

Aug 27, 2013
BrittanyHound in Home Cooking

Scarsdale Pizza & Brew rebranded Racanelli's now open -anyone gone?

Racanelli's opened on Monday

Hilarious: Pete Wells on Guy Fieri, NYT

Wells is doing for jourmalism what Fieri and company have done for educational culinary television,.i.e, sophomoric entertainment. In this sense think that Fieri is to Pepin as Wells is to Claiborne.

What were your FIRST three cookbooks?

Joy -a great first cookbook that lives on as a good reference.
NYT - Clearly the most useful and cookable a survivor
Beard -(this i bought used - copyright 1960) the book is a really sort of camp now. it's arranged alphabetically ( yep Appitizers, Bread, Deserts, Meats, Vegatables) but it is solid -great basics. After years of cooking ribs, smoked, dry rubbed, mopped, I pullled out Beard this past week and used his sparerib recipe.

Salt and pepper the rack and roast in 325 deg oven for an hour.

pure pork flavor. He then offers a few pages of riffs.

Apr 19, 2012
BrittanyHound in Home Cooking

What were your FIRST three cookbooks?

NYT - Claireborne
James Beard cookbook

All currently bound with duct tape, or duck tape in the case of Beard

Apr 18, 2012
BrittanyHound in Home Cooking

sorry state of fried chicken in westchester

not westchester but has anyone tried the fried chicken at Bailey's Smokehouse in Blauvelt

Need one more Italian dish please

How about a simple fricassee maybe with chicken thighs. They stay moist and will survive on a warming tray. It's pretty straighforward if you keep it simple and finish in oven.

Feb 09, 2012
BrittanyHound in Home Cooking

Paula's English Pea recipe = what's wrong with Food Network

I hope Bobby includes his version of Mama's recipe in an upcoming show!

Ancient Recipes

Feb 06, 2012
BrittanyHound in Home Cooking

Please help, I've never made Jalapeno poppers and my son has requested them for the Super Bowl.

Will these reheat ok in microwave. I wanted to send a batch back to scool with son for the football and there is only a microwave in the dorm

Feb 04, 2012
BrittanyHound in Home Cooking

Need fruitcake/Christmas stollen recipe......please fellow chow hounds!!!

Sollen from Davis Bouley , East of Paris cookbook

Jan 13, 2012
BrittanyHound in Home Cooking

Your all time favorite 'TV' cooking show chefs?

okay, can't resist giving shout out to Keith Floyd.
Two Hot Tamales - great show fantasic, under produced show compared to today's glam. Almost 90's version Julia - looking to recover from chicken escaping cutting board. Met one Tamale at their place in Santa Monica - gracious

Your all time favorite 'TV' cooking show chefs?

Pepin - awsome skills, beautifully restrained
Pierre Franey -still have Cuisine Rapide from the series
Eric Rippert - current lead

Creating a recipe for stuffed shells advice

I've used broccoli and cauliflower braised and into food processor. makes a great stuffing and though i used creame fraiche it can probably be w/o milk products. Some egg or roux based mix to bind and you could out of the milk product,

Jan 06, 2012
BrittanyHound in Home Cooking