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El Agave Restaurant Bridgeport New owners

went to el agave on main street tonight for dinner. the food was awesome. homemade tortillas people! the house salsa, amazing. two brothers bought the place ,one runs the front the other (sal) is the chef. great pickled carrots! everyone at our table were impressed. still thinking about that salsa..

Bridgeport-Fairfield fine dining

Had dinner at Tuscany on madison ave Bridgeport. they make their own pasta. the waiter comes by with a tray of 10 different pastas, ravioli, agnalatti ,etc. to show you. we had the grilled baby octopus, salads, lobster ravioli special and the veal chop. everything was great! excellent service

Sep 10, 2008
drepp in All New England Archive

Solaia in Greenwich...

i haven't been there in a year but i heard the chef ,sous chef ,and pastry chef left and are at market in stamford.

Where to get great Whole Belly Clams Fairfield

just off of exit 24 on i-95, black rock turnpike.

Miniature Hamburger Buns

southlake is 100% right, but order ahead because stop &shop runs out.make sure you cut them and keep them tightly covered because they dry out fast.
the thing about sliders is the whole melt in your mouth feeling.

Where to get great Whole Belly Clams Fairfield

black rock oyster bar has good fried whole belly clams and really cold beer to wash it down

Vietnamese (particularly Pho) in Ffld Cty

update , i went today to pho saigan had crispy spring rolls ,great! now to the pho . pretty good! you get all the extras thai basil ,mung beans, and an herb that tastes like chaiote. good broth with all the chili condements available.
if you get the #1 remember it does have tripe. i gotta say they have the broth down.

Vietnamese (particularly Pho) in Ffld Cty

There is a place on wood ave off of park ave in Bridgeport. I think it's called pho saigon. it's run by a vietnamese family, they also have good viet style coffee. down the street is a great asian store where you can get all the stuff to make your own pho. the best vietnamese food is in Boston

Chicken fried steak

looking for good home made chicken fried steak in fairfield county

no reservations tv show best one yet

i love this show ! tonight Tony Bourdaine line cooking was so good i watched it twice!
good job!

Mar 10, 2008
drepp in Food Media & News

Authentic Mexican Scene in Bridgeport CT

my mexican friends agree with you MLC but call ahead and get the tamales, trust me they are fantastic! every thanksgiving we get 50 at $1 each and have a gringo /mexican party and the tamales are always the biggest hit! sometimes we just order a bunch for breakfast at work.
mi rancho has the best tamales in the bridgeport area

Ibiza New Haven

just meigas

Feb 26, 2008
drepp in All New England Archive

Ibiza New Haven

had dinner there with a friend last tuesday. started with a goat cheese/frisee salad and truffle oil .octopus with potato foam, grilled calamari(fresh not frozen), braised oxtail, roasted pork with a really crisp skin and mango sauce. they have great bread ,also great desserts. flan, bread pudding, chocolate croquettes. knocked it all back with the house Rioja. great meal! love that pork

Feb 26, 2008
drepp in All New England Archive

Sushi Yasuda Review

the best! i was lucky enough to be served by chef Yasuda himself and it was fantastic. the fish of course was great but what really cought my attention was how well the rice was prepared. i have never had better sushi

Feb 16, 2008
drepp in Manhattan

I need a lesson on Peruvian food in Westchester!

CEVICHE! it's the pride of Peru and the original style of this dish. also pa pa con juan gaina (spelled wrong) it's cold boiled potatoes with a yellow chili sauce thickened with crackers. also anticuchos (grilled marinated beef hearts) trust me, cooked right they are addictive. my neighbors are Peruvian so I get to hang out and eat. portchester has a lot of restaurants. i'll talk to my neighbors and let you know the names.

Mexican Food Heaven

forgot about mi rancho 2754 fairfield ave bridgport c.t. for great tamales. every thanksgiving i have a big party at my house for my gringo and latino friends and the biggest hit more than the the turkey are the tamales, $1 each i buy 80 and they are gone by the end of the night! so for tacos La Michoacana , for real tamales Mi Rancho

Feb 05, 2008
drepp in All New England Archive

Mexican Food Heaven

had great tacos al pastor at la michoacana today. they have the spit to roast the pork with pineapple just like in mexico, fantastic!

Feb 04, 2008
drepp in All New England Archive

Mexican hole-in-the-wall Fairfield Cty?

Try mi rancho in bridgeport, they have great tamales!