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Where do you dine at least once a month?

gaia italian cafe
sunny and annie's gourmet deli
lan zhou dumplings

Sep 21, 2013
churroe in Manhattan

Don't Leave NY Without Eating...

dead says you, dormant says me.

Aug 21, 2013
churroe in Manhattan

Don't Leave NY Without Eating...


Best Slice

Best Bagel

Best Non-Bagel Quick Breakfast:

Best Sandwich:

Best Hot Dog:

Best NY Diner:

Best Dessert:

Best Food from a Cart:

Best Lox:

Best Burger:
KORZO HAUS (Must, be, fried)

Aug 20, 2013
churroe in Manhattan

Best Burgers in NYC.................

Korzo Haus in East Village has my heart. Fried bun, beet ketchup, unpretentious and not even hyped up.

Feb 20, 2013
churroe in Manhattan

proper irish / english breakfast in east village / les / west village / soho?

hey guys,

watching layover dublin and it has me craving a proper irish/english breakfast. any decent and inexpensive suggestions?

Jan 09, 2013
churroe in Manhattan

Late Night Eats

it was just an overall general statement regarding the prevelance of seafood offered in the two cities. san diego is all about fish tacos and (let's say) fish sandwiches in fish markets whereas san francisco's culinary focus isn't. san franciscans could give two shits about bread bowl clam chowders.

as far as recommendations, i just moved here (4 months ago) but it seems like the appropriate responses are:

south coast for fish tacos -- i live in ob. makes sense. they're good and i take my guests from out of town here.

el pescador - i like it and i work in la jolla, but this just isn't memorable. who really cares about this place?

and from what it looks like kaito sushi -- i've never been and can't afford to, but i feel that one super great sushi restaurant in a region with subpar sushi usually isn't as special as a super good sushi restaurant in a region with super good sushi restaurants. i'm not a sushi snob at all, but i don't like the crappy stuff either.

mariscos german? - yet to go, but how exciting can really great fish tacos be in a region filled with really great fish tacos?

i'm just saying don't waste your waistline eating seafood in san francisco; no one cares about it there.

Jan 18, 2012
churroe in San Diego

Late Night Eats

i've lived in sf and live in sd now. sd has much better seafood. in sf, oh my god though, i can recommend you so many places to eat!

Jan 18, 2012
churroe in San Diego

Coffee Snob in Search of a fix

+1. recognized as #1 micro roaster by roaster magazine. no phillz but still in the same league

Jan 13, 2012
churroe in San Diego

Good Indian Restaurant in San Diego

sorry, i'm still new to the city, so i was only speculating. so where do they all go out then?
where are they all eating at?

maybe the indian isn't good here so they just cook at home? given price, food and everything, i give pt a 4 at best. it works, but i'll never crave it and don't get excited at the thought of eating there. i did enjoy sfm a lot, but again i just didn't get a boner over it.

if there's anywhere else i should try, please let me know. i'm getting desperate.

Jan 06, 2012
churroe in San Diego

Good Indian Restaurant in San Diego

photos attached. won't say which dish belongs to which restaurant, but one looks better (more flavorful, complex) than the other.

Jan 05, 2012
churroe in San Diego

Good Indian Restaurant in San Diego

i had the chicken vindaloo and spinach paneer thing. i usually like my food super duper spicy and when i order it that way (at other places) it usually still retains (or ampilfies in flavor).

i ordered it super spicy here and it was all heat. i'm not authority on what's authentic, but i just moved here from san francisco and still haven't found anything as awesome as LAHORE KARAHI

not sure what's more authentic, but lahore karahi is like you're straight up eating in the dude's kitchen. i've also lived in detroit and la, where there were more options.

maybe there's just not enough south asians (or indian restaurants) to keep the food honest? either way, i'm thankful for the mexican food and santouka here, both of which i really love. that's about all i can say.

Jan 05, 2012
churroe in San Diego

Good Indian Restaurant in San Diego

i agree. punjabi tandoor was a major letdown for me. rode my scooter 45 minutes on a cold night for some vindaloo and was severely let down by the entire meal. not that cheap, either?

i do like surati but again, it doesn't give me that "to die for, oh shit i ate too much" level of satisfaction. unfortunately, i'm just going to have to write off indian food as long as i live in sd.

Jan 05, 2012
churroe in San Diego

best (affordable) ceviche

thanks for the welcome. i've been cruising the forums but decided it was time to reach out for suggestions.

i haven't had much ceviche outside of the ocean beach farmers market (since i live there) but i was just wondering if there were any specific (or solid) places i should try. i'm always willing to drive for food. by affordable, i mean that i don't really care for fancy restaurants.

Dec 08, 2011
churroe in San Diego

best (affordable) ceviche

where and what kind are we talking about here? thanks in advance!

Dec 07, 2011
churroe in San Diego