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Good Chinese in Virginia

All styles are fine. Main thing good quality and a sit down place ideally. Thank you

Good Chinese in Virginia

Dear Hounds,
I was just in VA visiting my cousin and they mentioned wanting to find some good Chinese fare. They have found good Thai in that area.
They live in the Reston area so anything 15-20 minutes would be suitable.
Thank you in advance.

Greenwich/Stamford First Date

When my wife and I go out on our “date night” which is every sat night. We normally eat at bar as we prefer it.
Some of the places we go that you can carry on somewhat of a conversation are:
Not already listed by the others:
PS: This is a range of places and food, not just wine bars.

1020 Post: Darien
Crew: Greenwich
FISH: Stamford
Scena: Darien
Box Car Cantina: Greenwich
Villa Italia: Stamford
Aria: Stamford

Mar 06, 2015
InderB in Southern New England

Budget-friendly party for 90 people in Fairfield area?

I would think pelliccis (stamford) could handle this request and work with your budget. Call and ask to speak to someone who deals with private parties at the restaurant. You will be directed to one of the owners.

Jan 28, 2015
InderB in Southern New England


Same restaurant group. They also own Bar Taco and their several locations.

You should also hit Paloma in Stamford. Nothing to do with any of this thread, but just another good place if you haven't been. Celeb Chef restaurant.

Jan 12, 2015
InderB in Southern New England


South Norwalk is the original one that started it all. Since the old says it has expanded twice I feel taking over closing restaurants / neighbors. The vibe I feel maybe a touch older with “the spread” across the street which leans younger. So they take some of that crowd that would be there in Stamford.
Greenwich only when the music / dj starts going do the cougars and sugar daddies come out. Prior to that it is a good normal place. The former (long time) bartenders from the Greenwich one, opened “the spread” in south Norwalk FYI.
Fairfield from what I recall is in an old house.
Happy eating

Jan 08, 2015
InderB in Southern New England

Hartford Recommendations

Dear Hounds,

Looking for your thoughts on upscale dining in Hartford. We ate at Trubull Kitchen on our last visit and enjoyed it. This is early Jan, not for NYE, so just a regaular evening with friends.

Food type and price point are both open.

Thank you

Dec 22, 2014
InderB in Southern New England

PALOMA, Stamford, CT great restaurant!!

I am in full agreement with eyes2big. We have dined twice at Paloma since they opened (still soft opening stage) and have been impressed with the staff and also the food.
Celeb Chef and co-owner Aaron Sanchez was in the house this past Thursday night and he couldn’t have been nicer, going table to table taking pics and talking with everyone.
Drinks are good, food is good. Atmosphere is great. Nothing more you can ask for.
Happy dining

Aug 11, 2014
InderB in Southern New England

Where to get Chinese takeout in Old Greenwich/Stamford/Norwalk?

Asiana in Greenwich on Putnam has opened a location in Stamford in May, called Asisan Bistro on Highridge Road. Very good food just like Asiana in Greenwich.

Jul 30, 2014
InderB in Southern New England

Lake George Restaurant Recommendations

Food was decent, not disappointing in anyway. Menu is very simple and you can get sandwiches also at dinner time if you like.
They just reopened for the season on Mother’s day and we went on Memorial Weekend, so I feel seasonal start up pains, cause the service to not be so great.
And it wasn’t busy and the kitchen made some simple errors.

It is worth a try for anyone. I wouldn’t say this place is a “no go”

Lake George Restaurant Recommendations

Thank you all for your help and advice.
Night 1: Bistro Leroux
Food and Service, Great (best meal of the trip)
Night 2: Farm House @ Top of the World
Great View, food was Ok, Service was not good. Early in the season maybe with new staff
Night 3: La Bella Vita at the Sagamore
Great service and nice view, food was better than average but not extraordinary
Of the 3 lunches we had Algonquin was the best with the food and view
Again thanks all

Lake George Restaurant Recommendations

Thank you to all that have written in. I wouldn't drive to Saratoga, I really just want to stay 30 min out max. I am going for Memorial Day weekend.

I read about Farmhouse at Top of the World on a prior thread? Any insite on that?

The Boat House looks nice but the reviews are bad.

Thank you again.

Lake George Restaurant Recommendations

Dear Hounds,

I would appreciate some recommendations on more upscale dining in Lake George. Staying at The Saganore. I don't mind driving about 1/2 hour out for a great meal.

Thanks in advance

New Restaurants..Fairfield, County.

I tried to dine at the little barn a few weeks back and it was packed. A very small place. We ended up at the Spotted Horse which is also a late 2012 - 2013 opening and enjoyed.

Feb 07, 2014
InderB in Southern New England

New Restaurants..Fairfield, County.

Bocca in Stamford has already shut. They are switching the theme to F-I-S-H opening in a few weeks.
Also Aladin is good, I forgot about that one.

Jan 31, 2014
InderB in Southern New England

New Restaurants..Fairfield, County.

How new is new by your definition? Mid 2013 – today?
We don’t have that high restaurant turn over in this area in my opinion.
New Canaan always has new things happening, but I don’t get to that area often. Check CT Bites for that.

2 new-ish places I have eaten at and like are
Char (Byram)
Mama’s Boy (South Norwalk)
Also Harvest (Greenwich) opened in April

New places I have not eaten at yet:
Cast Republic (Stamford)
Primary Food and Drink (Greenwich)

Jan 31, 2014
InderB in Southern New England

New Year's Eve 2014 ideas Fairfield County, CT

Just a quick chime in, on this. I have been to Polpo (Greenwich) two New Year eve’s ago. Try and get preferred seating in the bar or on the ground floor so you have a view of the piano / live music happening. This request is not an easy one. They promised me, but we ended up, being upstairs.

Nov 18, 2013
InderB in Southern New England

Brunch in Stamford?

I live and grew up in Stamford, but for a good brunch I would venture to Greenwich and Darien instead.
The only thing in Stamford (and go for the View not the Food, food is fair at best) is Dolce Cubano.
Reference this article for some ideas. Missing from the list and that are very noteworthy:
1020 Post in Darien
Eastias in Darien (more casual)
Eleven14 Kitchen in Greenwich

Oct 11, 2013
InderB in Southern New England

Lunch on the way to Newport

I always stop in Mystic for lunch on my way to Newport. Good places are: Bravo Bravo, Azu, S and P Oyster House, Anthony J's. All are good.

Sep 03, 2013
InderB in Southern New England

3 Nights in SF

Thank you to all so far. How about this to all of those that still are looking for more info from me:
Can you please recommend 1 fantastic restaurant that I can go to on the actual night of my 10 year wedding anv. My wife is not into Asian and I we wouldn't eat Indian on a night like this. Any other type of food I am fine with.

Thank you to all.

Aug 30, 2013
InderB in San Francisco Bay Area

3 Nights in SF

W42, I posted on here to cut through the long research. Why don't you tell me for top 5 restaurants in SF. And that will be enough. Your personal "must dine at". Thank you

Aug 29, 2013
InderB in San Francisco Bay Area

3 Nights in SF

Civil Bear, Sure:
1.Coming from CT / NYC
2.Hotel TBD, but probably on Bush street.
3.Happy to cab it within 15min or so.
4.Anything on the upscale end. Well known places, there are just too many to choose from when you google top restaurants in SF. Maybe something with a well know SF chef. Also there could be a local secret.
5.Cutting edge and basic both work
6.Yes we would like a nice atmosphere
7. We order drinks at the bar to warm up and then wine with dinner.
No real budget, but I don't want over the top expensive like Per Se in NYC.
Got it on the SF.
Thanks on all

Aug 29, 2013
InderB in San Francisco Bay Area

3 Nights in SF

Dear SF Hounds,

I am coming to San Fran for 3 nights in early Oct in conjunction with my 10 year wedding anniversary. So I am requesting your top “must dine” restaurants when visiting the area.

Any type of food is fine, I will probably do a mix of cuisines over the 3 nights.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

Aug 29, 2013
InderB in San Francisco Bay Area

One Night in Greenwich - where must we eat?

In no particular order:

eleven14 Kitchen
Gabriele's Italian Steakhouse
Elm Street Oyster House
Char (Byram)
Tarry Lodge (Byram)

And many more, I am sure this board will chime in.

Aug 14, 2013
InderB in Southern New England

New restaurant in Byram, CT - Char?

We had a nice meal there this past sat night. Restaurant décor is very cool and interested, food is good.
I would recommend a try for all you local foodies in the area.

The bar area which is more separate looks more on the casual end and I don’t know if the menu is different. We ate in the main dining room.


Jul 29, 2013
InderB in Southern New England

Dining in Brewster MA besides Oceans Edge

Thank you Dan D.

Jun 25, 2013
InderB in Southern New England

Dining in Brewster MA besides Oceans Edge

Dear All Hounds,

I am staying at Oceans Edge for 3 nights next week. Besides dining on the resort which I assume would be good. What are the other suggestions within a 20 minute drive? More on the upscale end. Any type of food.

Thank you

Jun 25, 2013
InderB in Southern New England

Great Indian Food

Dear LA Hounds,

I have a close friend who since moving away from East Coast has not come across a good Indian Restaurant in LA.

He lives in the Larchmont Village / Koreatown area but is willing to travel a bit for a good Indian meal.

Can you please pass on some recommendations my way and I will pass them on to him.

Thanks in advance

Jun 11, 2013
InderB in Los Angeles Area

Lunch for 20 in Midtown

Thank you for everyone's recommendations and assistance. I was just informed that this lunch needs to be moved to Soho as the group has a meeting on Bleeker Street straight afterwards. So my query now shifts to that area of the city.

Thanks in advance

May 22, 2013
InderB in Manhattan

Lunch for 20 in Midtown

I don’t think they need or care about a private room. Any Boulud restaurant I feel would be more than they would want to spend. This is a work anniversay and not a personal one. I really don’t know the budget on this, if I was going to be conservative I would say $40 per head for just the base food. Then you add in some drinks and tips and it turns into $60 per head at final cost. I feel that is as far as they could stretch as they earn in Indian Rupees and get murdered with the exchange rate. I was going to suggest Fig and Olive to them, so that they could maybe a set a 3 course pre-fix for lunch, but I was looking for some other ideas, that is why I posted.
Thanks on all.

May 21, 2013
InderB in Manhattan