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San Francisco/Napa with 3 kids

Hi chefkate,

You guys are going to love the Bay Area - wonderful eating mecca! In San Francisco, there are many great places to eat. If you venture out the Marina for the day to see the Golden Gate Bridge (you should visit House of Air while you are in the are) try the Presidio Social Club for dinner. Can't go wrong. The food is great and it's fairly loud. For a splurge, you must must must go to Kokkari. Hands down the best in SF in our opinion. Surprising kid-friendly (they probably aren't used to seeing many kids...) but make reservations for a weeknight and ask for a booth. The ribeye is mouth-watering.

Dos Pinas in Potrero Hill has great Mexican fare with fresh ingredients. Cheap eats too which is great. Town Hall is also one of our favorites. Book for a weeknight and get the pot de creme. Piccino in Dogpatch has great thin crust pizzas (and other things). This is a family oriented area so kids won't be a big issue. If you have never tried Blue Bottle coffee, it's right next door. Cannot be missed if you are a coffee drinker. There is also Del Fina Pizzeria in both the Mission and in Pacific Heights. Great pizza and kid friendly. Yummy yummy ice cream here for dessert.

If you are a true foodie that isn't afraid to experiment, Incanto in Noe Valley is amazing and also open to kids. There is a table in the back corner with benches that is perfect for the kiddies. Menu changes daily but if you see something unique, order it - you won't be disappointed.

If sushi is your thing, visit Roger at Zushi Puzzle in the Marina. Amazing sushi but super hard to get in. Make reservations. We lived in Potrero Hill for years and never ever had a bad meal at Aperto. Tiny place but really well done Italian food. Make reservations, definitely get the bruschetta appetizer, and ask for the table in the far left corner with the benches or the front table in the window.

In both San Francisco and Napa, there is a burger place called Taylor's Refresher. Amazing burgers, fries, salads and a FULL WINE MENU. Yes, you read that right. Burgers for kids and wine for mom. Does it get any better than that?

For authentic Pho and yummy vietnamese cuisine in a casual setting, definitely try Bodega Bistro. No frills place with paper napkins but really great food. The restaurant is not in the best part of town so I would take a cab directly there and back.

The top 100 bay area restaurants list was just unveiled last week. I have perused the list and honestly you can't wrong with any place listed (although they may not always be kid-friendly). The list can be found here:

Once strategy that worked really well for us in NYC is if we were going to a particularly nice place, we would actually call in advance and explain that we are foodies and despite traveling with kids, still wanted to experience good food. We would ask them if they thought it would be okay for us to come with 3 kids and most places were very honest. I might recommend that you do the same thing.

I hope that this helps. Have fun and eat well!

2 Foodies, 3 Kids, 6 Days... Help.

We will be in Manhattan this Saturday (12/10) through Friday (12/16).

For our splurge dinner, that will be on Tuesday.

We don't really have a budget for the dinners with the kids - our parameters are good food with a setting that is friendly to 3 kids. Not sure if many of those exist, which is why I came here for help.

No neighborhood preferences. We will hop on the subway to go anywhere - the kids love the subway.

Dec 07, 2011
thaibarb in Manhattan

2 Foodies, 3 Kids, 6 Days... Help.

Hello Fellow Chowers,

My husband and I (admitted San Francisco foodies) are braving NYC for 6 days with 3 kids under the age of 5 years old. We want to eat and eat well and given that this is our first time in NYC with kids, we need your help.

Here are the specifics:
We will have just one night without the kids. This will be our splurge night so budget is not an issue. Where do we go for an amazing, well-deserved meal? (Husband is not seafood guy as he is allergic)

The remaining nights, we will have the kids with us. Obviously, super fancy won't do with three ancy kids, but we still want to eat well. What are our options?

Thanks so much. Can't wait to chow.

Dec 06, 2011
thaibarb in Manhattan