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Choosing a pasta machine

I'm with the KA fans - I have made lots of fresh pasta with amazing results and lots of compliments! It's extremely fast and easy to use. You can make fresh pasta and sauce from scratch to serve 4 in 30-40 minutes, not sure you could go that fast with a hand crank. I have also tried doing everything manually including hand kneading the dough and using a hand crank machine (Imperia), and it was really good but took much longer and did not produce better results. The product I have is the same link as wrenhunter. Whatever you decide, I'm sure your pasta will be amazing ... especially if you use the freshest, free-run eggs!

Dec 09, 2011
Adventures_in_Food in Cookware

Batter Dispenser - any advice?

Thanks for the tips everyone, looks like I have a few options to try first to see if I really need another gadget!

Dec 08, 2011
Adventures_in_Food in Cookware

Liberte Greek Yogurt

Love it! It's so thick and creamy that I've used it to go with dessert like grilled peaches infused with lavendar with the Liberte greek yogurt on the side ... yum! Oh can't wait til peach season comes around again!

Good lunch spot for 7 near Yonge/Dundas???

Maybe Hemisphere's at Dundas just east of University (in Metropolitan Hotel) or Great Cooks on Eight at Queen/Bay. Both have great food and quieter atmospheres, but may be a bit more pricey though ...

Batter Dispenser - any advice?

I'm considering buying a batter dispenser to quickly make cupcakes and avoid the mess. I'm not much of a gadget person, but these have peeked my interest. Are they worth it? Any brand you would recommend?

Dec 06, 2011
Adventures_in_Food in Cookware

Bomboloni in the GTA?

The place on Rutherford was Espresso Expresso and has since closed - believe the owner sadly went to the wholesale side of the business. No worries though as Dolce Bombe Cafe is in the same area on Pine Valley Drive just south of Hwy 7. If you haven't tried a bomboloni you are in for an amazing experience. They are made fresh and served warm with your choice of filling. They also make a great latte to go with. Enjoy!

Unique (and not just truffle) suggestions for good chocolate.

Have you tried Odile Chocolates on Dundas West in Toronto? Mostly truffles, but unique and tasty! My favs are the tequila/lime/chipotle and cognac/ginger. They also have fillings like wild mushroom and sake.

Bakeries - Toronto and area

You have to try Dolce Bombe Cafe in Woodbridge (7611 Pine Valley Drive, just south of Hwy 7) ... it is absolutely worth the drive! Owned by a wonderful couple who serve warm, fresh bombe calde/bomboloni (a little piece of heaven prepared after you order)! They have a chocolate version of this unique treat, but my fave is the crema.

Dolce Bombe Cafe
7611 Pine Valley Dr, Vaughan, ON L4L 5W8, CA