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I dream about the SGT Pepper burger at OJ's. Poutine instead of fries and then try not to eat the rest of the week. Its worth it.

Montreal C'hounder spending a week in Canmore wants rec's

The Grizzly House was pretty cool but I have't been there since my honeymoon and I'm not saying how long thats been. Its a funky fondue house but is pretty touristy. Still worth the trip IMHO

Soda's made with sugar vs corn syrup?

Pepsi Throwback is made with Cane Sugar.

Dec 09, 2011
computermike in General Topics

Praise Cheeses! Good cheese in Edmonton/Alberta

Kind of related. Superstore sells a Pear Paste around Christmas that is amazing with Brie and a Triscuit.

BBQ House for the win

This was supposed to be a response to the Diners, Drive ins and Dives thread for Edmonton. Not sure how I messed thyat up.

BBQ House for the win

BBQ House at 97 st and 118 ave is a bit of a dive and the food is awesome. The half chicken meal is so big they use elastics to keep the clamshell closed.

YYC Holy Smoke Bbq

I run a cabinet style "Stumps" smoker and its insulated between the inner and outer skins. At running temps of 225-350 depending what I'm smoking the snow on top doesn't melt and the sides get hotter when in direct sun then from loss of heat. I love it!

Edmonton: Claws for pulling pork?

Try the

The website will make your eyes bleed but the tool is the best for pulling pork if you have a lot to do. I have the claws but find they give me blisters if you are doing morethan 20 lbs or so. My last batch was 80 lbs. :)