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help - need a new range pronto

so we ended up putting up the tiles and went with the ge cafe and a broan hood - the zephyr dimensions were a little large after we speced it out.

So far in love with both. The hood actually sucks the steam up, and the halogen light is nice. The range boils water in no time - I can get pasta done in half the time. I made beef short ribs tonight and it kept them at a perfect low simmer.

We will be making holiday cookies tomorrow - can't wait!

Dec 20, 2011
morrang in Cookware

help - need a new range pronto

Good news is - the appliance store we are working with is able to have the contractor stop up and take a look today or tomorrow - they said they have seen that happen before with tile work, so I guess it is something that gets done instead of ordering another box of tiles.

One thing they mentioned was maybe putting up an entry grade zephyr brand hood - so it would be a better self circulating one, not as expensive as a kobe (which is the one they said they recommend if you get a pro stove with self-circulation) so I am going to google a little more, and have some of the specs for those printed for when the contractor stops by.

I taped up some cardboard boxes to the cabinets above the range to get a sense of what it will be like with the microwave there...and I don't think I am going to like it. I like that it now more open, I think the microwave will get hot ( it would meet the installation specs) and the mirowave is not getting that good of online reviews. I checked out my moms micro over her range and her's is 3 1/2 inches higher than that this would be - and I think that will make a difference.

I replaced the filters in the current hood a few times, but it does not make much of a difference. It is 20 years old and I can't imagine it was a good one. The former owners went with bare minimum appliances in the kitchen since neither of them cooked. lso, thecolor of the current one will now stand out - so it makes sense to change it to something while figuring out the tile issue.

Dec 13, 2011
morrang in Cookware

help - need a new range pronto

So I went range shopping this weekend and the only one that I really liked that was in our price range was the GE cafe, so I think that part is solved - but then we go stuck again. My husband pulled out the stove just to make sure everything looked connected in our current one just to give it one last try, we noticed that the tile behind the stove does not go all the way down, or even across - which we were not expecting. So now we need to figure out the following

- get a new hood (it has to be re-circulating) and then redo the backspash area or have stailess steel sheet put up behind it since we will have to do something with the tilework.

- get the GE over the range microwave to free up some counterspace. They have a good deal on the microwave, and there is a $100 rebate if you buy two cafe appliances -- so it is something we are considering.

- keep current hood (which was also a contractors special and does not work that great) and replace that at a later point

Thoughts? Any options you think would be better for resale? Our origianl plan if we stay here was to o do the kitche in two years (change out countertops , sink, range, hood (possible vented) and add on a new cabinet for baking storage and a bilt in mocrowave)

Thank you all for your input so far - I need to get the order placed on Wednesday so I can have it in time for a few get together we will be having here!

Dec 12, 2011
morrang in Cookware

help - need a new range pronto

Thanks all! I will be visiting two places weekend - I just wanted to have an idea of what was out there and look at the info before hand to might work to find out where which places carried them and know before hand some info. I just got the consumer reports info, so looking at that tonight. We are happy with an appliance store we used in the past and they have a larger showroom .

When googling and searching on here for GE cafe the bertazzoni range seemed to come up a lot and for the plain color would probably be in our budget. They have it at the store we are going to - any opinions? I could not find the oven capacity, so it might not be something I would even consider once I see it in person.

Dec 07, 2011
morrang in Cookware

help - need a new range pronto

Our electric outlet is 110 and it needs to be 220 for the electric/gas model - anyone know approx how much that conversion would cost? The dual option is about 450 more than the all gas, so if it is an expensive conversion might end up looking at gas only.

Thanks in advance!

Dec 06, 2011
morrang in Cookware

help - need a new range pronto

My lovely magic chef contractors special range that was here when we moved in stopped working this morning - the oven is no longer working so instead of repairing it (oven was always temperamental) we are going to go for it and get a range that I might actually like and not have to look inside each time at the thermometer to figure out what it is and keep fiddling with the dial to get it to the right temp ;)

It would be a 30" range - and I am lost! We looked at a few ranges years ago, but there is so much more on the market I thought some of you can chime in.

We currently have a gas hookup and I *think* I would prefer having gas plus electric oven, but that is not a show stopper. The budget is probably around 2.5K and I don't need anything truly professional, but I do a lot of baking and cooking and I would like to have a larger oven capacity. Some of the "pro" models I saw a while back seemed to have smaller oven spaces. The only pro oven I seemed to like was the American Range, but that was a few thousand out of my price range.

The GE cafe and Jenn Air are coming up as being something that might work.

Any ideas of where to start or other sites that might be helpful, brands to stay away from?


Dec 05, 2011
morrang in Cookware