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New Dim Sum - Hong Kong Pearl Falls Church

Did you guys see the Dragon Dance on Chinese New Years Eve HK pearl offered? It was awesome!!!!! My grandma was laughing with joy says she hasn't seen one in years.... *comes with age I guess. Everytime we go gets a bit more interesting!

Dim Sum

The only places I know of is in Northern VA which are the basics that have been here in VA.

Marks Duck House in Falls Church, VA - They have been around for a long time but does not serve Dim Sum on a traditional steam cart. Food usually ends up on table being cold 85% of the time. No complains about the Dim Sum except the temperature and the dirtiness inside ruins my appetite.

Fortune - Parking is horrible but also has been around for a long time. Lots of shrimp this shrimp that and deep fried food. Food portion smaller in my opinion than the others but cost are sometimes questionable.

China Garden - Food is also cold but they have a huge floor for Dim Sum. I think the biggest in the Northern VA area. I love their curry fish balls but they only make one batch on the weekends.

And lastly, Hong Kong Pearl Seafood - The name says seafood because the owner has been a long time seafood distributor. But don't let the name fool you, cause it did fool my family and I. They opened up 2 months ago (I know, verily new) and serves dim sum everyday on a steam cart which is a big plus for us. It was definitely a joy to see another authentic restaurant building and serving a true cantonese hong kong style goodies.

Take your pick. Hope these helped

New Dim Sum - Hong Kong Pearl Falls Church

I agree with Geeyores p.o.v. Hell, my family loved how interactive they are. And before you think I evaluated my experiences of a restaurant partly because of their decoration, may you read again: EXTRA BONUSES. Have a nice day

New Dim Sum - Hong Kong Pearl Falls Church

that's because xo does not deal with dim sum. fortune/chinagarden/hkpearl does not charge for tea after dim sum hours :)

New Dim Sum - Hong Kong Pearl Falls Church

And with your note about tea cost, my family gets those tea charges as well at all places during dim sum hours. It has been a Chinese tradition back home and restaurants here carries that same method. Thankfully, teas are a complement of dim sum!

New Dim Sum - Hong Kong Pearl Falls Church

I dined here a few times since opening and by far, they are the most authentic Chinese restaurant around. I used to stick with Miu Kee along route 50 for a convenient Chinese meal but being born from Hong Kong, I've been longing for something close to back home... And I finally found it. Although my first two times there the operation seem a little fuzzy I think they are getting their stuff together. Service is usually good until high peak time, had to ask more than once for service. Food quality surprised me the most with their consistency. Overall, this place has become my familys new hot spot.

Some extra bonuses is
1) CLEAN and glamorous spacious seatings unlike Fortune, XO, Marks DH, Miu Kee, and other local Chinese restaurant.
2) attentive service from waiters and management. Don't get it like that elsewhere
3) huge portions for a reasonable cost... Vinh Kee big thumbs down.on this
4) dim sum served everyday... May I add AUTHENTIC ones????

Hard to find a place like this.. been living in Falls Church for 20 years... Finally some good eats

Thanks for posting this allowing me to share my experience too