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The ultimate way to season cast iron, per Cook's Illustrated

Yeap, tried it on a Lodge LPGI3 Cast-Iron Reversible Grill/Griddle, 20-inch x 10.44-inch, worked great. the thing was so slick you couldn't spatula fried eggs, they were like on ice. Had to redo the coating in a year, the center started sticking, had a few people use it, they would dug a metal spatula into it, especially dealing with the slickness of the surface. Instead of using something to pin the eggs, they scraped the surface trying to capture the food.

Was simple enough to re coat. Walmart is the place to buy Flax seed oil, tough to find there, is in with the pharmacy, health place jack up the price by 3.5 times, I payed $5 for a $16 same bottle size from health store, seen it for $20, ah yuppies, health food nuts, got to love them.

PS, ran into a PHD chemistry researcher, who when I mention Flax Seed oil over veg/olive oil for seasoning, he confirmed it strongly that it would work and started into a dissertation why. About the only thing I remember is he said if behaves or acts like a varnish.

Apr 20, 2015
Oracoke in Cookware

The ultimate way to season cast iron, per Cook's Illustrated

Tried this with cast iron griddle, 5 coats, I did 3 times on top of the stove over the middle griddle burner, oil side up. Used mid-high heat for 15-30 minutes. The corners really didn't smoke a lot, seemed a little sticky? I let it cool to touch then put on by finger very little oil again, using a paper towel to get up any puddling. For the last 2 coats I did it the longer CI way, oiled it as lightly as you can get it, baked it at 500 F for 1 hour to insure the corners baked on well. It now had a rich almost black wet enamel paint look to it all over it.

Cooking an egg with out oiling it the egg will stick, using very little olive oil the thing is as slick as glass and the egg is hard to remove without catching it with something to hold it to get the spatula under it.

As for stainless steel pans, I am not sure that it has the bite aka large pores that cast iron has to hold the coating. I can cook an omelet in stainless without sticking anyway, I just make sure to use a veg oil, not animal fat oil which has a low fast point and can burst into flames. The trick is to add no more then a teaspoon if that, I add just enough to cost the bottom usually having to tilted the pan as the oil heats so it can cover the bottom and heat it until it just starts to smoke. Getting a steel pan ripping hot with just a film of veg oil seems to produce a temp non stick coating. I have cook omelets for years this way in the same pan and it never gets a built up coating so I don't think flaxseed oil will work.

Oh, I got 8 ounce of Flaxseed oil for a little over $5 at Wallymart. Health food places et al. over charge for this stuff. You will find it around the digestion/vitamins area. Be sure to read the instructions, you have to put it in the frigs after you open it.

Oct 23, 2014
Oracoke in Cookware

Instant yeast vs. Fleishman's Rapid Rise Yeast

Then why the need to know this?

Use Rapid Rise in an Oster 5838 and get you will get flat collapsed results, the bread quickly over proofs due to the massive CO2 release on one kneading, one rise of this yeast. This machine lacks a third processing like a Breadman, it only has two, so it will not knock down the over proof. Rapid Rise does a strong rise and you are suppose to knead, rise, shape it and bake it, it is a time saving yeast, it was created for home, lazy use, giving up flavor and texture. This is the reason for the strong CO2 release. Instant was created for commerical bakers, sold in bulk pounds to get rid of the yeast warm water proofing, commeical bakers want to deal with weight, not volume in dry ingredients, it needs multiple kneading, rising, shaping, etc, just like cake yeast, or Active dry yeast.

Cake, Active Dry yeast, Instant, Rapid Rise are not the same thing other then being yeast, being able to produce CO2. Cake, Active Dry (you warm water proof it), Instant Active Dry yeast (add dry) all behave the same, Rapid Rise is the outlier.

Yes one well known jar yeast maker makes the claim Rapid Rise is a catch all yeast, they are full of something, it isn't yeast, but it sells their jars.

Nov 29, 2013
Oracoke in Home Cooking

Instant yeast vs. Fleishman's Rapid Rise Yeast

Instant Active Dry Yeast gives you two separate rises and it can be used interchangeably with active dry yeast.  

Rapid-Rise Yeast you skip the first rise of the dough and shape the loaves right after kneading.

Given that, I am having to deal with an Oster breadmaker, the machine from hell, I think the Rapid Rise is the problem.

The Red Star yeast site states Instant is to be used in bread machines as is labelled for machines, Fleishment's Rapid Rise is labelled for bread machines, confusing isn't it. The Rapid Rise is too much for the Oster, the bread expands way to much for the pan resting, at bake time will collapse major league, well it collapses 2-3 times, recovers some, when baking starts and one big collapse when done. Interestingly the Rapid Rise works in a Breadman, the Red Star in the Oster.

Instant yeast was created for commercial bakers, Rapid Rise for home. One you can buy in bulk, one in cheesy little packages.

My money is on Active dry yeast and Instant ( in bulk if you can find it). Instant seems to be a jump start on getting the yeast going, directly added to dry, Rapid Rise added to dry but a shortcut on over kneading/resting.

Not sure sure what would work for no knead, we do not do no knead. Yeast shouldn't the this convoluted.

Nov 22, 2013
Oracoke in Home Cooking

Fagor Duo 8 quart pressure cooker, how does the yellow indicator seat under the lid?

I just purchased this, doing test runs with 2 cups of water, 5 minutes high pressure to find and mark the correct low setting on gas stove.

How far up does the yellow indicator seat against the bottom of the lid? I was getting a long 7 minutes to get the yellow indicator, I noticed stream, water under the handle, under the yellow indicator, I bumped it, poped up, went to pressure.

Cooling it down, lid off, I pushed the thumb lock forward and flipped the lid over. I pushed the indicator up  like steam would. Should the indicator with the small washer move flush to the lid aka washer against the lid? Mine doesn't, it stops way short,  on the top part of the handle the yellow indicator just becomes level with the hole, aka doesn't stick out above it, is this normal, should it be higher?

What looks like is happening is it gets slightly jammed going up.

Oct 16, 2013
Oracoke in Cookware

Fagor Duo Pressure Cooker

Thanks for everyone that replied.....
The problem is misinformation, after downloading a lot of PDF manuals of different cookers after my orginial post, I will go with the Duo manual, which seems to be what people are posting , I believe my statements below are how the duo works. I ordered the Duo last week, should show up today.

Check out this video on YouTube:
At 2:17 they seem to compare an apple to an orange aka the popup indicated tells you you are ready to cook. Some models yes, that cone shaped space sauce one in the background, the Fagor Duo, no, it just tells you the pot is pressurized and I believe it then internally locks via of locking the outside thumb slide. The Duo is at pressure when you see steam, you reduce heat, and like a rocker you need to see a little steam from it while it cooks.

Also there is a another video on YouTube of little value, not sure if it is from Fagor, I lost the link, will post the link if I find it. Two, professionally dressed chefs, the women on the left cooks something, she leaves you with the opinion the yellow indicator is the "we are at pressure" indicator for cooking, the man on the right it is the steam that tells you. Interesting they don't show how well the dishes turn out, lol. One of the worst demo videoes I have seen.

I wondered why someone would do a video with two people cooking at the same time, two pressure cookers, then I got it, it is a duo, I bet some pimple faced producer/director sat up all night thinking of that as a selling point to his boss. Too bad the content was so bad. Had a bunch of thumbs own.

Oct 11, 2013
Oracoke in Cookware

Fagor Duo Pressure Cooker

So after lowering the heat should you still see stream, what is the indicator that you have reduced heat too much?

Oct 10, 2013
Oracoke in Cookware

Malted Milk Powder

Are some people confusing malted milk powder with malted powder? I would think malted milk powder would be adding extra milk to the recipe given you just added water to this stuff to make a milk drink. Looks like the King Arthur recipe posted here is using malted milk powder, i.e. 2 Tbl sugar or 1/4 c. malted milk powder. Many old recipes I find call for malted powder so I do find the King Arthur recipe most odd.

Dec 05, 2011
Oracoke in Home Cooking