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Bis On Main, Bellevue - Overpriced, Boring, Food which ruined a birthday and a romantic night out...

@tsquare I apologize if that was confusing for you. "Local(s) ... people who live around the place in Old-Bellevue on Main, or work in downtown Bellevue.." ... Or.... People in the local area who are rooting for local businesses to succeed which helps the local economy, lower taxes, etc... :) For me, I am not from here, so getting an outsider's perspective is always a positive thing to do as a business holder. This place, was very disappointing.

I agree, I am NUTS for going back here that many times... never again! To me, that place doesn't exist anymore. Although the 3rd time was the "straw that broke the camel's back", sort of speak. :)

Additionally i have received an overwhelming amount of emails from people who said they had the SAME type of experience going here and won't be going back. This is truly a disappointment. Sorry Bis On Main, I was rooting for you!

Jan 26, 2012
lokitious in Greater Seattle

Bis On Main, Bellevue - Overpriced, Boring, Food which ruined a birthday and a romantic night out...

Almost all local people have rated this place so far. If you want an honest review from an outsider, READ ON...

This was the third time to this restaurant because a couple people proclaimed the service and food had improved in the last year. It hasn't! We moved here last year from the East and have been sampling all the "best" restaurants in the area. This is not one of them.

Bis-on-Main is an overpriced, insipid, restaurant missing any type of exciting food. The only thing that gives this place any character is the fact that its location is down in Old Downtown Bellevue. The décor is even lacking causing the ambience to feel cold and dry. They attempted to fix this by adding colorful abstract art on the walls and fake candles on the tables.

The hostess was a snob placing my wife, on her birthday, my son, and I in the corner\back of the restaurant even though there were plenty of nice tables in in the main dining room. It was apparent that was where she put "outcasts" because the next group she sat there was a couple who was dressed down with one wearing sweat pants. This was after three phone calls to confirm my reservation and a "special table" with no call back.
[Side note(s) We were dressed in a suit and dress. Also, they knew it was my wife's birthday, but didn't say anything to her until they handed us the check... Nice!]

- Hors d'oeuvre
The meal started with hors d'oeuvre of Sweet Breads. If you don't know what that is, don't look it up, but either way normally they are very tasty. The Bis On Main's were flour dusted and fried until they were too dry to eat. The chanterelle mushrooms and onions with sweet wine aided the dish from being unbearable. The other hors d'oeuvre was their "French" rendition of an Italian Insalata Caprese ( which is a simple salad from the Italian region of Campania, made of sliced fresh buffalo mozzarella, tomatoes and basil). It was a $12 of nothing. The mozzarella was skin and small, the tomatoes were butchered and bitter, and the basil was julienned and scattered all over place. What made it worse was the fact it was swimming in oil that wasn't even extra-virgin olive oil.

- Entrée
For the main entrées were their Half Roasted Duck and Butternut Squash Risotto. The Duck was REALLY dry and overcooked. It was sitting in its own juice which they called a "Saba Glaze"... yahhh, not so much. The 5 spice rub on the skin was good, which I ate, but the meat was tasteless. It was NOT worth the $30 dollars they charged for it The Risotto was not bad at all, but the squash wasn't cooked enough and it needed more salt. It DEFINITELY wasn't worth $20 they charged for it.

- Dessert
The desserts looked amazing on the menu, but didn't partake in them because the bill was already $150 and didn't enjoy any of it

CONCLUSION: (Final Thoughts)
Skip it!
Spend your good earned money somewhere else that will satisfy your taste buds and your romantic ambiance needs. We spend $150 and left unsatisfied and annoyed. It seems people eat here because it is expensive and not because the food and service is good. There was mostly business people eating here during out dining.
Since we are new to the area, we don't know enough people to watch our child. He is well behaved, so we bring him everywhere. He didn't make a peep the whole time. The worst part was they didn't even have a good booster seat for him. Poor kid!

You are better off trying another place!

Bis On Main
10213 Main St, Bellevue, WA 98004

Dec 04, 2011
lokitious in Greater Seattle