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extremely rude--this is why restaurants close so often---customer service is key regardless of how good the food is.


I posted this comment on their facebook page. Instead of them being professional about the situation, they decided to block me from their page and to delete my comment. This is a surefire way to lose business and for their name to go down the toilet. So here are my comments.

Yesterday friends and I came for brunch. First, I would like to say that every dish that came out was outstanding. The goat cheese cakes and lobster guacamole were superb. The slow roasted pork with eggs,beans,rice and the chilean sea bass miso with saffron rice were amazing. You truly have a talented chef in the back of house. Second, your interior is simply stunning. You transformed this space into something spectacular. There is something about owning a restaurant with water views in the Gold Coast of CT. Now, for the not so good news. Our food took way too long, approx. 1 hour wait time for it to arrive at our table. I am assuming the waiter did not put the ticket in correctly to the kitchen. We informed your Sunday manager about the problem. But he simply started to laugh and make jokes. Finally, after telling him that it was not professional the manner in which this is being handled, he said he would go and find out what the problem was. Within 10 minutes, our plates were at our table. However, one of my friends has a strict diet and cannot eat butter. She had requested the chilean sea bass to be cooked with no butter and asked the waiter if he could ask the kitchen if they could do that. The waiter never returned to comment on the above request. Therefore, my friend's plate looked nothing like my chilean sea bass. In fact, the fish on her plate was not sea bass. It was some other type of fish. The way it was presented fell below the high standards of all of your other dishes that were coming out of the kitchen. In addition, since we waited over one hour to receive our dishes, and since my friend could not eat her entree and had to re order some plain arugula salad since we all had our entrees, I would expect the manager at the very least comp a few drinks as well as perhaps the appetizers. But he only comped one glass of chardonnay and the entree which my friend DID NOT eat. The owners have invested so much into this space. Competition is fierce in our area. The economy is still lagging, and people choose wisely and are more discreet as where they spend their money including where they dine. Therefore, what happened yesterday was 'amateur hour' from your staff including the manager. I am writing you this because I believe that upper management and Nick Racanelli and his family should be aware of customer/patrons accolades as well as concerns and disappointments. Hopefully , someone will get back to me regarding my experience. Thank you for your professional attention to this matter.