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Why is NoVA so devoid of good homey fair?

Horrid place! Lousy Food! Dirty kitchen and the best thing is IT IS CLOSED.

sorry. not a fan at all.

If you're in the C'ville / Manassas area - try Yorkshire Restaurant on 28 in Manassas (Park?). The breakfast is great! The people are nice, and the kitchen looks ok.

Payne's Restaurant in Centreville, VA Closed

Truly one of the most horrible restaurants I've ever eaten at. From the top down .. the owner, wait staff, cold food, yucky coffee ... so I can't say I'm sorry to see them go. Anything would be better than eating at Payne's. I mean seriously, I ordered corned beef hash once and heard them open the can and plop it on my (paper) plate. They didn't even heat it up!! and they got annoyed at me when I sent it back to be cooked. Fare-thee-well and good riddance, I say.

Wild Chicken in Fairfax

They were pork tamales, wrapped in banana leaves (and tin foil). The pork was very dry and chewy ... not great.

But the chicken .... yum!

Wild Chicken in Fairfax

I thought I would share my latest find. Apologies if someone has commented on Wild Chicken before, but I couldn't find anything when I searched the Board.

I stopped into Wild Chicken (West Fair Center, 11039 Lee Hwy, Fairfax, VA 22030-5002 for some Peruvian chicken and was very pleased with my lunch.

Do you know where Weber's Pet Store is on Lee Highway in Fairfax? To find the restaurant, pull into the parking lot BEHIND Weber's (and Bray and Scarff) .. its right there on the corner next to Curves.

I ordered the 1/4 chicken with yucca fries to take home. I also noted Peruvian tamales on the menu and asked for two of them, too. They are homemade, but kept frozen. It took what seemed like forever to get the tamales heated up and by then my chicken take out was cold.

The manager gave me a new hot chicken dinner so my lunch would be hot when I got home.

I thought the chicken was very good - well spiced, nice and juicy. The yucca fries were wonderful and the dipping sauces were great too. The tamales were HUGE and 1/2 of one was more than enough to help me decide to not order them again. Too dry.

Overall, I recommend Wild Chicken for a quick lunch or dinner. The eat-in is very basic, the a/c doesn't work all that well, there were Spanish music videos blasting from the TV, and all in all, it was just right because the chicken was so good.

ice cream in northern virginia

Kline's Freeze on 28 South of Centreville ... almost to Manassas. Open March thru October.

What's the deal with Ledo's pizza?

They opened a Ledo's in Fairfax about 15 mins from me. I thought I would try it, and failed the first time - their web page said they were open until 11 on a Friday night, when I got there at 10, the place was locked up/closed. The 2nd time, I tried the one in Chantilly. I had somewhere to be, and was in a rush, so I thought I would get one of the pizzas you can bake at home. The guy in front of me ordered a large pizza to go, and the girl said it would be 30 minutes. When I ordered my large pizza (unbaked) I was told it would be 45 mins to an hour wait time. Huh? I asked how come my (unbaked) pizza would take almost twice as long to make as one that was going to baked. All I got was attitude and nastiness from the counter girl about how busy they were and that I would just "have to sit down and wait." NOT. So, my answer to the OP is, I haven't got a clue, but I know I won't be going back to try anything Ledo.


I agree with Willard's as a good choice and they do catering also. They have wonderful soups that change daily (the Gumbo is excellent).

The place gets very busy if there is something going on at the Dulles Expo Center which is just next door.

Austin Grill? Newly Opened in C'Ville

Interesting about Alto Plaza ... a good friend who has eaten there on a few occasions has had nothing good to say about the whole package of this place .. food ambiance pricing, etc. Thanks for the heads up .. I MAY try it for Brunch on the weekend.

Austin Grill? Newly Opened in C'Ville

I finally made it for lunch last Saturday. All I have to say is "Bleck."

lunch in farifax/fair oaks area

I live close by and might have tried it until reading this.Can't imagine giving that guy my $ if I can find another place with good food and nice(er) people. Thanks.

Austin Grill? Newly Opened in C'Ville

Thanks for the suggestion ... When I'm in Manassas on Saturday, I'll check it out.

Austin Grill? Newly Opened in C'Ville

Anyone have a comment about Austin Grill? All I know is they're TexMex and a local chain restaurant. They've recently opened in Centreville in the location where Catbo used to be.

I disliked Catbo immensely .. but like TexMex ... I'm willing to give Austin Grill a try, but hate the thought of wasting good money on a bad meal.

Any input is welcome.


More Authentic Chinese in Northern Virginia?

Mark's Duck House is about as authentic as I have seen in this area. I lived in Hong Kong for a couple of years, and I find almost everything about the experience completely authentic.

Ballymaloe Cookery School in Ireland

I've been to Ballymaloe - to the over-priced shop and the tired tea shop. Based on that, I wouldn't waste my money. Darina Allen is tired and out-of-step when it comes to the new chefs producing wonderful food in Ireland these days. My .02 for what its worth.

Sep 16, 2007
sweetclover in U.K./Ireland