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60th Birthday Dinner in Toronto (Most Memorable Restaurant Experience)

Splendido is my most memorable dining experience in the city

Blue Mountain/ Collingwood Lunch, Dinner Options?

Hi everyone - what are our best options actually in the village for dinner? Am heading there this weekend with my husband, and will venture out for lunches but will want to be in the village for dinner so that we can have some drinks and don't need to worry about driving back.

Casual 30th Birthday Party

Anyone done a large group at Barque?

Breakfast/Brunch during the week?

George Street Diner @ Richmond and George

2014 Restaurant and Food Store OPENINGS!!

The Carbon Bar at Queen and Church, from the same guys behind Nota Bene.

Edulis, Actionolite, The Grove, Bero or!

I've done the tasting menu with drink pairings at Actinolite and it was amazing. One of my favourite meals I've had in the city, and the atmosphere and service were excellent. Not as upscale as some you've mentioned, but it's not overly loud or too casual - it's a nice spot.

Casual 30th Birthday Party

Home of the Brave - great suggestion! Do you think La Carnita accommodates large parties? I can't see that working in there...

Casual 30th Birthday Party

Thanks, piccola! Have never been to Big Crow, but have heard good things. For the group they'd require that it's a fixed menu at $35-$65 pp. How was the food? Do you think the space would work well for a party? Will check out Westerly as well.

Casual 30th Birthday Party

Hi everyone!

Looking for some suggestions for locations to celebrate a 30th birthday in Toronto. We want to be able to eat, but it doesn't have to be a formal sit-down dinner, and we want it to be informal enough that people can come and go if they like and we can stay for some drinks later on. Casual is fine - better, actually - and something fun. Doesn't need to be a private space, but we'll be 20-30 people I think so that might work best.

To give some idea as to what we're looking for, one place I am considering is Big Crow (Rose and Sons BBQ spot).


New Year's Eve Dinner

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for somewhere fun to have dinner with a small group on New Year's Eve. We'd like somewhere fun and trendy, with good food, that is not a club. For example, I have heard Bar Isabel is offering a New Year's Eve dinner - that would be up our alley.

Any suggestions would be great!

Help!! Need Wine Tasting Recommendations ASAP!

Hi there,

My husband and I are celebrating our anniversary this Saturday, June 29th at either Tocqueville or Annisa (have reservations at both - have yet to decide). The only reservation times available were later - 9:30 and 10:00 - so it is a late dinner. I want to surprise him with something planned for before dinner. We had talked about going somewhere for cocktails beforehand but I'd like to plan something that is a bit more of an 'event' (for lack of a better word).

Any recommendations for nice wine tasting experiences? Or, a really nice cocktail bar that feels like a little bit of an experience in itself? We'll want to go somewhere nice, as it's a special occasion and we'll be dressed up for dinner. Budget is not a driving factor.

I would really appreciate any suggestions! Thanks in advance!

Jun 26, 2013
Meggers12 in Manhattan

Anniversary Dinner + Long Weekend in Manhattan

Thanks so much for the great suggestions MRS, kathryn, and rrems!! We have started to narrow things down; would love to know your thoughts on what we have planned so far. Also, we will be there the weekend of June 29th. We're hoping to keep it somewhere around $350 the night of the 29th (our anniversary). As long as the other meals are less than that we aren't worried about price.

Thursday Dinner: in NJ visiting my sister-in-law; she's picking

Friday Brunch: Clinton St. Baking Co.

Friday Lunch: La Esquina

Friday Dinner: Perla or Locanda Verde?

Saturday Brunch: Russ & Daughters (grab on our way to Williamsburg)

Saturday Lunch: Five Leaves or Roebling Tea Room?

Saturday Dinner: Annisa (10pm) OR Tocqueville (9pm) - can't decide!

Sunday Brunch:

Sunday Lunch (in Montauk): Ditch Witch

Sunday Dinner (in Montauk): Harvest on Fort Pond

Monday Brunch (in Montauk):

Monday Lunch (in Montauk): Sloppy Tuna

Jun 07, 2013
Meggers12 in Manhattan

Anniversary Dinner + Long Weekend in Manhattan


My husband and I live in Toronto and are spending our first anniversary in Manhattan. We love to eat out at home, and have been to New York a few times before. Would love some suggestions for:

1) A nice dinner in Manhattan for the night of our anniversary. Restaurants we've been looking at include Jean-Georges (though that is really too expensive for us), Perla, Per Se, Corton. Somewhere that feels a little bit special, but still with a bit of a cool vibe and not too too stuffy!

2) Any other suggestions for brunch/lunch/dinners in Manhattan and/or Brooklyn. Maybe looking for slightly more casual options, since we'll have a nice dinner the night of our anniversary. Places we've been and liked include Cafeteria, Osteria Morini, Spotted Pig, Nobu, Meatball Shop. Places we're looking at trying include Rosemary's, ABC Kitchen, The Butcher's Daughter, Da Silvano. Open to anything!

Looking forward to hearing some suggestions! Thanks so much!

Jun 06, 2013
Meggers12 in Manhattan

Actinolite - One of my best meals in T.O.

Yes - we did go, and I meant to write about it. We did the tasting menu for two of us, and did the wine pairing as well. We absolutely loved it - we have done tasting menus at Colborne Lane and George, and both agreed that this was one of the best meals we've had. The chef was fantastic - he came out to greet us beforehand and to talk about what we liked, didn't like, etc. and was great about answering any questions or explaining any of the dishes and how they were made along the way. We also were served the same dish for some courses, and different dishes for other courses. Six courses in total - two different salads for the first (kale/cheddar and blood orange), raw trout with sumac vinegar and oil for the second, a plate of smoked ham and potato for the third, oysters very lightly baked with farro and red currants and bacon for the fourth, a braised beef dish (delicious) for the fifth and then dessert - grapefruit pavlova (which was amazing) and brioche. The pairings were excellent as well - very diverse, which we really enjoyed but might not be for everyone. I think If you would prefer to stick to wines, though, they would be very accommodating. All went with the dish very well - we had some white, some red, an aperitif, a cider, and champagne. Most were from France, and were all very good. The service was great, the atmosphere was lovely...definitely would recommend!

Actinolite - One of my best meals in T.O.

Let us know what you think. I have booked the same for my husband's birthday in a couple of weeks.

Actinolite - One of my best meals in T.O.

Thanks! Sounds lovely!

Actinolite - One of my best meals in T.O.

Glad to have come across this - I've been looking for a tasting menu (have done both George and Colbourne Lane). Sounds great. Can you tell me what the ambience is like? I'm looking for a special occassion, so my preference would be something not TOO casual.

Hart House Wedding?

Hey there!

It's been a while, but thanks so much for all of this information. It's been so helpful for us! We're also going with the Black Ravioli as an appetizer, and are giving choice between Chicken and Fish for the main course. I was wondering whether you did an hors d'oeuvres, and if you remember which were good? These were not included as a part of our tasting, so we're choosing them blindly!

Good to know about the rooms, as well. I was shown the South Sitting Room upstairs, which was bigger, but I'm still not sure it would work very well for getting ready with a bunch of people.

Thanks again!

Hart House Wedding?

Hi zinasj,

Good to know about Devon - thanks! AND the purple lighting - totally not what we would want! I think we're going to aim for May or June, so hopefully there won't be too many students, and it won't be quite so hot. What time of year were you married? If you don't mind, would you answer a few more questions? How was the food? What were the best hors d'eouvres/entrees? Did you look into the air conditioning truck at all? I've heard that it doesn't do a very good job, and can be a waste of money.

Any other little tips or things to watch out for/ask about would be great...

Hart House Wedding?

Hi everyone!

My fiancee and I are considering Hart House for our wedding as well, but are wondering whether you can book Fridays for weddings there? Does anyone know?