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Mango Rain Lakeshore Road Clarkson Mississauga

Just love this place! It features both Indian and Thai food, which may seem weird, the thing is, the food is really unbelievably good. I keep wanting to try the Thai food but I love the Indian food so much I have only tried one Thai dish which was just as good as the Indian food. Lovely service, nice quite dining room, quite small. Please try it, I highly recommend it.

Good Bakery in Mississauga-French Corner Bakery

This may be Mississauga's best kept bakery secret! Really good pastries, nice bread and super cakes. Very friendly staff. Good lattes, too. I see lots of regular customers every time I go in. Very creative, they often try new items. It's a great place to have a latte and a pastry and hang out for a bit.

Good Bakery in Mississauga-French Corner Bakery

My favourite lattes, excellent pastries (wonderful croissants, mmm!) plus nice friendly staff. Good place to sit and have a snack or lunch. Good sandwiches BTW, fresh made, also paninis, etc. We have also tried their cakes, they were excellent. Please don't buy their multi grain bread, I love it and they run out fairly quickly! A special little place, gotta love it!