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Help Me Find a Good Butterhorn

How about Copenhagen Bakery in Burlingame? They still make some of the best butterhorns!

Copenhagen Bakery & Cafe
1216 Burlingame Ave, Burlingame, CA 94010
(650) 342-1357

Mazzetti's Bakery / Pacifica

I ordered my birthday cake from Mezzetti's last weekend. Sadly, the cake was dry, the filling goopy and the frosting stale. I should have stuck with The Cakery in Burlingame.

Recommendations for a SF Chowhound's One Night Only Dinner in Hollywood

Greetings Fellow Chowhounds,

The hubby and I are taking a road trip over Labor Day weekend stopping Saturday night in Hollywood. Alas, I've not paid much, if any, attention to the food scene in Los Angeles but I knew exactly to whom I should come to ask for advice, suggestions and recommendations.

We are looking for a double-date worthy, $25-$30 entree, sit down, fun not too noisy but lively enough to have a fun, delicious dinner. We're adventurous eaters, freshly home from 10 days in New Orleans and the non-stop orgy of oysters and gulf shrimp (oh my!). I only draw the line at Indian and chocolate (sadly anaphylaxis to cacao). And some place we can make reservations on a Saturday night!

BBQ Caterer needed in Orinda in May, 65-80 people

Take a look at Texas Back 40 or Kinder's BBQ. I've used both for catering large parties in central Contra Costa County and was very pleased with both.

HELP!! Bay area wedding on a budget?! Is it possible......

We had our wedding at Wedgewood at Crystal Springs Golf Course in Burlingame. They do a fantastic job, the food is great, the bar generous, location incredibly scenic and the staff was so helpful, friendly and just took care of everything.

Princess cake

Both yummy, nearly next door to each other, both have parking (paid) in back.

The Cakery
1308 Burlingame Ave
Burlingame, CA 94010
(650) 344-1006

Copenhagen Bakery
1216 Burlingame Ave
Burlingame, CA 94010
(650) 342-1357

Mitsu Japanese Restaurant in Pacifica

We frequent Go Sushi and Ocean Fish, Sushi & Grill alot (more take out than eat in). Have you tried them and how do they compare to Mitsu?

Looking for the best pie in the Bay Area.

I'll toss my vote in for Mission Pies (24th & Mission, just off BART). Yummy yum! Every piece we've ever gotten has been delicious!

Pork chop sandwich?

That was Bud's Pork Chop Sandwich on Main Street....An old fashioned coffee shop that is long long long (30+ years) gone and no replacement of their yummy sandwich anywhere in the Bay Area. The owners used to brag on how they had to strong arm someone in Montana for the recipe.

Whats the best sandwich/picnic food you can get for a a day at Golden Gate Park? [San Francisco]

We particularly like Ironwood BBQ at the Golden Gate Golf Course.

Chinese New Year Parade?

If you were attending the Chinese New Year Parade this Saturday in San Francisco, would you recommend 1) eating before and where? or 2) eating after and where? We're taking BART in from Daly City.

Jewish delis in Sunnyvale area?

Shhhhhhh! Don't tell anyone.... the Lucky's on Grant Road in Los Altos is KOSHER and has a Koser Deli.

2175 Grant Rd, Los Altos, California 94024 (650) 969-1326 ‎

Chowdown Report: Chinese New Year Banquet at Yum’s Bistro

I was very impressed by the quality and quantity of the seafood.... no tiny oysters here! Big, fat, plump oysters, scallops and that gigantic lobster.... the bacon wrapped shrimp forcement was simply yummy but then anything wrapped in bacon and deep fried gets a big thumb up! Good company, good food, awesome chow down!

P.S. No fortune cookies!

Crab in South Bay?

I'm looking for recommendations for best crab in the South Bay....all kinds: fresh/live, steamed, fried...basically any and every kind but it has to be the best!

Orlando Thanksgiving Recommendations

Awesome! Exactly what I'm looking for! Thanks!

Sep 25, 2010
michele_corum in Florida

Orlando Thanksgiving Recommendations

I'm really looking for someplace to have a real Thanksgiving meal...turkey and all the trimmings....Southern style would be even better.

Sep 25, 2010
michele_corum in Florida

Orlando Thanksgiving Recommendations

I'll be visiting the Orlando area for Thanksgiving this year. Does anyone have recommendations on somewhere nice to celebrate Thanksgiving?

Sep 24, 2010
michele_corum in Florida

Dinner and a Movie

Downtown Pleasant Hill: Century Theater/The Left Bank

LA to SF run - Friday AM

I stopped for lunch at Popeye's in Santa Nella (east side of I-5). Chicken biscuits were fresh, ice tea cold and the bathroom was clean. Also stopped at Harris Ranch for pecan drop cookies. Yum!

Aug 15, 2009
michele_corum in California

LA to SF run - Friday AM

I'm making my annual mecca down I-5 from SF to LA on Friday. I too am looking for any place new or note worthy to stop at along the way.

Aug 11, 2009
michele_corum in California

Do any major chains actually *cook* (not just microwave)?

So, how about Chevy's Fresh Mex? "Nothing from a jar or can..."

Personally, I'd rather microwave my dinner at home and go out for breakfast instead. Breakfast is one meal that's still cooked to order without question.

Jul 13, 2009
michele_corum in Chains

Birthday Cake in the East Bay?

East Bay=Contra Costa (minus East County), Alameda Counties as far South as Newark.
Something with alot of buttercream frosting!
Up to $50.

Birthday Cake in the East Bay?

I am looking for suggestions for the best bakery in the East Bay which has the yummiest birthday cakes. Specifically I'm looking for a NON-CHOCOLATE cake that does not need to be refrigerated (kept cool, yes, refrigerated, no), 8 or 9 inch round, decorated and personalized to the birthday girl. I am not interested in Safeway, Nob Hil/Raley'sl, Luckys, Costco or Walmart cakes. Thanks!

Kids Making Drinks

Most interesting column. Being the eldest of 4 children, my father taught me at an early age, at about 6 or 7, how to set the bar and to make his favorite drink (CC&7). Part of his reasoning was if I was tall enough to reach the liquor cabinet then I'm old enough for the job. I am grateful to this day for this educational experience because it amazes me how many people do not have a clue on how to set a bar for a party let alone mix a proper cocktail! Also tasting a drink to see if it's mixed properly is par for the course. Alcohol is an acquired taste and who better to know if something tastes good or bad than a kid? This is not to say we kids were encouraged to drink. In our household, drinking was simply not a big deal. I do find it curious only 1 sibling turned out to be an alcoholic, the rest of us are just fine.

Mar 17, 2009
michele_corum in Features

Chowdown Report: Dim Sum @ Koi Garden, Dublin

Another fun chowhound lunch. Thank you Melanie for coordinating this event.

By far, the best of the lot were the steamed dumplings: XO Spicy Sauce, Chiu Chou, Har Gao and Spinach Shrimp. The Old Timer sponge cake was delightful warm. Once it cooled, it was not so delighful! I never did figure out which was the roasted pig or the roasted duck! Both were very was the Bee's Nest Taro Puff. Something new for me was the Bean Curd in Syrup. It was fine but I bet there are better versions elsewhere. And I was disappointed with the Egg Custard Tart. It was basically tasteless.

FWIW The restaurant was incredibly cold. They had their air conditioning cranked up high.

Anything New I-5 from SF to LA?

Time for my annual roadtrip and thought I'd check to see if there are any new chow worthy stops along I-5 from SF to LA. Yes, I know, it's a culinary wasteland but it never hurts to check first before I head out onto the highway!

Much obliged!

Aug 12, 2008
michele_corum in California

WC Yacht Club, Dead Fish, or other?

How about The Left Bank in Pleasant Hill? You can walk over to the movies after dinner.

Seafood Recs in East Bay

How about Jack London Square?
Il Pescatore, Kincaid’s Bayhouse or even Scott’s Seafood Restaurant?

In Search of Breakfast Tacos

I disagree. Breakfast taco and a breakfast burrito are two entirely different things. I still haven't found a San Antonio-style breakfast taco yet but I've been making them at home. Thanks for your reply.

In Search of Breakfast Tacos

Was visiting San Antonio a couple months back and fell in love with breakfast tacos: fresh flour tortillas, chorizo and eggs scrambled together and a bit of fresh salsa on top....just about 4 bites in total. OMG these were so awesome and nearly every restaurant from fast food to family style had them. Anyone run into them here in the Greater Bay Area????