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Good places in Verdun?

I'm really surprised no one has mentioned Mas Cuisine! It's absolutely wonderful, a total hidden gem.

When chef Michel Ross closed La Brunoise, much to many a foodie's dismay, he and his wife opened Mas on Wellington. It's only open for dinner mon-fri, reservations are a must because it only seats 30. It's prix-fixe, and everything is seasonal. They bake some of the best bread I've ever had, too. We absolutely adore Mas.

Su is our other favorite. We go all the time for the manti dumplings, which are so addictive, so amazing... the food there is unbelievable and the service is always smart, courteous, and friendly without being familiar.

Breakfast in... Verdun?

La Belle is short for the fast-food chain La Belle Province. They do standard greasy-spoon brekkie, good for hangovers :)

Parisa Restaurant in Verdun

It just got a great review in the Gazette so I expect this thread will light up soon...

I moved just around the corner from here and we've been a few times.

Pros: The food is quite good. The soup is amazing, it really is worth trying. We also love the lamb, it's beautifully done. Prices are very reasonable and who doesn't love a BYOW?

Cons: It's just my opinion, but I think the ambiance is a little bit contrived, it just tries too hard, and the service leaves something to be desired. It's always the same waitress, and we found the service lackluster and unenthusiastic every time we've been.


I'm sure those are all fantastic butcher shops, and so I'd really like to add my two cents for my favorite butcher, Viandal on De L'Eglise. They make their own sausages (the merguez are phenomenal) they are super knowledgeable, and they are hands down the best for superior customer service. So accommodating, so helpful, so lovely to interact with.

As for the meat, I have never seen better quality. Everything is fresh and beautiful. They run out of things occasionally but that just means that they prize freshness over profitability... they don't keep one of everything sitting on the back shelf of a freezer for ages and ages.

Another thing I love is that every time I've been in there, there's at least one employee cleaning something somewhere in the shop. It's immaculate. I love it.

Round cake pans vs springform pans

Absolutely do NOT use a springform pan for flan. They are not meant to hold liquid, even high-end ones.
I tried to make flan in one a few weeks ago and it was a DISASTER. Half the liquid seeped out into the bain-marie before I caught it. Such a nightmare.
That said, they're amazing for things like cheesecakes and cakes with thick batters.

Dec 01, 2011
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