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Best Eggnog

Hi! Misread the description thought it said prepare "up to" a week before not at least. I have a party Saturday (5 days) but I want to try this recipe will it be good?/ok?

Dec 09, 2014
ChefUniDave in Recipes

Foodies Boys Weekend in Montreal

Sorry about that I realize it is neither Gordon Ramsay nor is it new. But the BBQ is good. I have eaten there a few times this last year and have not been disappointed.

Foodies Boys Weekend in Montreal

Oh and if you want some bagels do not go to Fairmount. St Viateur is well worth the extra 6 blocks. If you ever want to compare an NY bagel to an MTL bagel its gotta be St Viateur

Foodies Boys Weekend in Montreal

Hey man,
I was just in NYC last week. Boy is there some great food there.
Eataly has got to be the greatest invention ever.

Avoid Buono like the plague that whole strip is below mediocre food and way above value pricing.
If you can't get into Garde Manger (you wont be able to with your size group) you may want to try Chuck's other restaurant - La Bremner - if you get into either definitely grab yourself a ceasar.
L'express is really great and has a late night menu.
Joe Beef is awesome if you can get a table.
Laurier is Gordon Ramsay's new place absolutely unreal bbq
If you are a meat men like me you'll want to go to Au Pied de Cochon very interesting flavours. I recommend sticking mostly to the appetizers though and share everything. The food is very rich. Managed to get reservations at their sugar shack for sunday, pretty excited.
If you're looking for delicious authentic quebec poutine hit up La Banquise open really late if youre looking for late night grub.
If you want amazing Portuguese Rotisserie Chicken - Romados is the way to go. Its a pick up place though but i strongly recommend it.
Breakfast you want to go to L'Avenue on Mont Royal west of st Denis get one of the eggs benedict (my favourite is the Arc-En-Ciel - eggs benny with smoked salmon) Make good mimosas shakes full bar
Dieu du ciel is a must try beer is amazing
Kazu is good but you wont get a table sorry theres only like 20 seats and the line is always up the block (going friday for sure)
Don't eat sushi in Montreal.
A bar to watch the game? there are literally thousands. For the real hockey experience I would try and get into La Cage aux Sports its the one at the Bell Centre but you probably have to reserve now, if at all. If not every single bar in the city will play it try Station de Sports MVP or Champs for low-key sports bars or winston churchills (or any of the other pubs on Crescent for a scene)

One last suggestion,
Go to a restaurant on Duluth that has a apportez-votre-vin (bring your own wine) my recommendation is Khyber Pass. Delicious afghani food. Rustic full flavours delicious meat similar to indian food just get the table d'hote.

Roadtrippin through the Southeast

Hello Chowhounds,

I am going on a road trip with a few good friends down from Montreal to New Orleans and then back up through the southeast. We are really big foodies. Love seafood, fresh meat and just about every kind of cuisine. So we were wondering about some absolute can't miss restaurants in the area. Price is not really the concern although would be just as interested in the mom and pop shops and street food as the sit down formal meals. So any advice for:
New Orleans
Myrtle Beach
or any other smaller towns in the area
Thanks for the help guys.

Jan 31, 2012
ChefUniDave in Southeast

Where can I find Dashi Stock?

I like to make my own miso soup but I can't seem to find any instant dashi granules anywhere. I have been making it with bonito flakes and kombu (the tradiitonal way) but it is expensive and time consuming. I have tried going to several shops (Both supermarkets in Chinatown and a few of the smaller shops, Eden on Parc, the other supermarket across from PA) but I can't seem to find it. I dont like using the packets - i find they are too salty.
Does anyone have a recommendation or a good substitution?

Is there good Japanese in Montreal to compare with New York? Juni has good fish, but the Omikase is questionable

There is no sushi restaurant worth mentioning in Montreal.
Kaizen is overpriced and not comparable to top restaurants in other cities.
The only Japanese place that I recommend in Montreal is Kazu. Its really hot right now, his food is fresh but its an Isakaya (snack bar) not a Sushi-ya (Sushi bar). They do make it a fun experience and with a constantly changing menu, good food and delightful staff, I strongly recommend it for people who like Japanese cuisine.
There is more to japanese food than sushi.