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Quebec City Please!

So I tried out:
Le Geule de Bois (AMAZING)
Le Cercle (Also very delicious!)
L'Échaudé (also amazing, but pricy)

Loved my short visit, but wish the weather had cooperated more... It rained almost the whole time I was there.

Quebec City Please!

A few recommendations I got from friends:

Le Clocher Penchée
Le Crack Grill-Cheese (I'm a sucker for cheese)
Le Cercle
Le Geule de Bois
L'affaire est ketchup

Quebec City Please!

I'm heading to QC (from 514) this afternoon through Saturday, am really quite surprised at the lack of findings, even searching this board. Are there no good yet touristy restos? I'm staying in the old city, and don't want to spend more than $50 for dinner, tops.

Bishop & Bagg

I don't think "public house" means what you think it means :P

Best pub food in Montreal?

I like Fiddler's Green on Bishop for food!

lunch on weekday and sunday between glens falls /plattsburgh?

I personally love the Silo in Queensbury!

West Island Best Kept Secrets

Not too surprised about this- food was way overpriced and mediocre at best :S Sucks we can't have good Mexican food.

Ideas for a bachelorette party- pommery ice restaurant?

I might be going on Feb 2 to check it out...

Seattle specialties

Any updates to this thread? I'll be landing tomorrow from Montreal!

Jan 22, 2013
andyse7en in Greater Seattle

Are there any Mexican restaurants in West Island?

I noticed that there is a mexican place opening where Zento used to be. Anyone know anything about this?! I'm pretty excited!

How is the Rendez-vous Groumand event?

It'll be my first time Saturday as well :)

St Anne de Bellevue Farmer's Market

darn! only saw this now :(

Montreal West Island - Breakfast and Lunch

There is also the Black Lion Pub in the west island, they have a nice balcony if the weather cooperates!

Nolah Bistro - West Island

Went there for lunch today- The food was delicious!! The soup of the day was especially nice- Red bean with a bit of a kick. amazing flavour! Will definitely go back for more.

Vivaldi - Pierrefonds

I recently tried Vivaldi's for the first time as well, being a WI resident. I really enjoyed the experience! I agree with Troy Mercury's comment about the noise level, but the ambiance and the service were just right for a dinner-before-a -movie night. I had the pasta of the day which was fresh, tasty, if a somewhat large portion, which made it home to become a midnight snack. Must try the grilled octopus next time!!