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Poor Experience at Regata Pub

I'm not sure I am a full foodie, but I have some minimal requirements from an establishment that I feel should be satisfied. Let me say also that I don't believe I'm a snob. I just want decent service with sold food experience.

I could probably go on for pages about my experience three weeks ago, but I'll try and hit the highlights:

- One server was wearing a bath robe and slippers.

- The other server was glacially slow and rude, I mean really slow. We actually had to signal her several times for things that were forgotten ( water, silverware, etc.)

- Fish entree was left uneaten as was the rice, Nachos seemed to be prepped way a head of time as all the flavors had leached together and was overpowered by the onion. Just a little of the nachos where consumed.

- My hamburger ordered medium was charred on the outside and pink on the inside (OK I guess).

- Ketchup came in a hospital pill cup, blech!

- Server never came back to check if our food was OK.

- Took forever to get the bill, which wasn't even ours.

- We did get to hear all about the server body part that had swollen up huge.

I can honestly say it was the worse experience I've had food and service was very poor. I have attempted to contact the hotel general manager for two weeks, always voice mail, or not there and has never returned my calls.

I suggest you stay far far away from the place, worst place to eat in Salem.

Nov 25, 2009
dave_chis in Greater Boston Area

Santarpios - You've got to be kidding me.

Yes I apologize, slummy is not what I was after "gritty", is more what I was thinking.

The wife wants to return to go to "Ellos" I think it was down the street. We looked in, no customers inside. It looked like a desert place for women,

Jan 02, 2009
dave_chis in Greater Boston Area

Santarpios - You've got to be kidding me.

We made a small journey into East Boston to eat a pizza at Santarpios. I was psyched because of all the chatter about the place.

The neighborhood is kind of dirty and slummy. Not a big deal but still a little distracting.

About 15 minute wait outside to get in, no big deal. Over an hour wait for a pizza once inside. Meanwhile the place is over run with little kids with no supervision. It was like a little like a daycare. Majority of eating adults on cell phones. Talking about what, who knows.

Pizza was crispy on the edges and soggy in the middle, and SALTY. Did I say it was SALTY? I just wanted to mention it was SALTY. Reminded me of a chef boyardee pizza kit in a box.

Wife got the lamb and sausage plate. Lamb was not special at all, but the sausage was good.

I know people love the place, but for me not only was I disappointed, I kind of hated the place and hated the experience.

Jan 01, 2009
dave_chis in Greater Boston Area

RED ROCK Bistro in Swampscott

Boy do I feel like a dope, we stopped and ate lunch at Lime Rickys which seems to be the outside beach food part of Red Rock Bistro. We had wondered about the place as it's usually mobbed when we drive by in the summer.

OMG I was stunned! First by the high price $26 for the two of us, secondly by the poor food almost across the board!

The fries are those starch covered crunchy things with a slight taste of clams. BLEEEECH ($3.25)

Lemonade "fresh" Ya right, tasted like a no brand mix bought at Sams;. No way that's real fresh made lemonade. ($2.25)

Chocolate Frappe - tasted a little odd, not sure why. Plus it was in a pretty small cup. ($4.95)

Ham_n_cheese Panini - OK, but GREEEESY and the ham was questionable. ($5.95)

Burger - In this case it was pretty good ($4.65)

What a total ripoff and waste of money. The only thing I can think of why people continue to go there is the smell off the beach along Lynnway has killed all the brain cells. Stay away!

May 14, 2008
dave_chis in Greater Boston Area

Restaurant recommendations in Salem?

The Finz bar is usually hoppin but I've been disapointed with the food. I've been a couple of times to the Lyceum recently and I liked the food, but service is kinda slow and it's expensive.

Cafe Gulu Gulu is nice, interesting stuff in a hip atmosphere service can be poor though.

I'd skip considering Rockafellars completely, food and service is poor.

Bella Verona has always been good and it's an intimate space then I'd boogie to cafe jalo for some coffee/tea afterewards.

For a casual date, I'd do engine house pizza then Lyceum for hot fudge sundaes, or perhaps Witches brew for steak or chicken parm Jerry style, then on to finz for the bar sceene.

Jan 20, 2008
dave_chis in Greater Boston Area

Recommendations for pizza/sub shop in Peabody/Danvers area

Among the best subs we've found to be at D'Orsi's a little way up from Peabody square. They also have italian pastrys, cakes and other distractions.

D'Orsi's Bakery & Delicatessen
Deli/Sandwich/Subs, Fast Food
197 Washington Street, Peabody
(978) 532-0102

There's also an Upper Crust now is Salem if that's the kind of pizza you're looking for.

Jan 16, 2008
dave_chis in Greater Boston Area

Salem for Halloween

oops, still forgot the lyceum which is a nice place sevice is decent and the food is good, kinda expensive though.

Also boston hot dog is there as well, southern slaw dog is my favorite.

Ben a jerry's right there as well.

Oct 23, 2007
dave_chis in Greater Boston Area

Salem for Halloween

I can't judge if Cilantro is authentic but my wife says it is.

Oh there's the Edgwater Cafe which is a Salsa and chips kind of mexican place, i was not impressed at all by the place.

Also I'd be somewhat remiss is I didn't mention the best burger place in Salem, Major Magleashes, which is also a dive bar kinda place. Just up the hill on lafayette street and across the little park.

There's Strega as well, not related to Boston's Strega, I never actually eaten there though I have tried to a couple of times. I've heard that the drinks and the pizza are good, and they might not be as snooty as they started out.

There's also somekind of Jamaican or similar ethnic food place just up lafayette from Wendy's. I've heard decent things about them but have never been there.

Oct 23, 2007
dave_chis in Greater Boston Area

Salem for Halloween

The first thing to consider is if you are here for halloween night or Friday, Saturday or Sunday evenings previous is that there will be so many people that almost all eateries will be jamed packed. Make reservations or otherwise you will be out of luck.

Cafe gulu gulu - Unique and good sandwhiches and beer. med $
A new upper crust is just next door - Haven't tried it yet high$
Taste of Asia is pretty good, also next door. med $
Rockafellers is OK, I find both the food and especially the service lacking. low-med $
Cafe Gratziani - Itilian, excellent reccomnded - low $
Bella verona - small place very good italian- low $
Passage to India - reccommended - med$
Beer works - Infested with familes and young kids, service poor, not reccommended - low$
finz - nice if you like seafood - high$
Victoria Station - med$
Capt's - Serice can vary High Dollar
pigs eye - service poor IMO, med$
witches brew - service can vary but the food is good, low$ to med$
Cilantro - excellent reccomended for mexican high$
Cafe Jaho - good coffe house fair med$
Grape vine - fancy italian, it's OK IMO, high$
Both Hotels downtown have pubs, both are pretty decent, med$
Front st coffee house -Popular with the younger cafe crowd, I don't much care for the food. med$
Borther Deli on Derby across from beerworks - Pretty good food, but adds up fast, lines can be long - med$
Thai in the walking mall, pizza in the walikign mall - poor not reccommened

Oct 23, 2007
dave_chis in Greater Boston Area

Help, I'm stranded in Salem!

Brother deli is just so so anymore, reds is OK, but it's really greasy and they pack you in like sardines.

There's a breakfast & lunch place right by the fountain and rockafellas, simple fair, pretty good. Also there's a convience store right past the Post office in Beverly that's has a breakfast & lunch counter.

+1 for The aformentioned Indian food place, taste of Asia, Cilantro, grapevine, bella verona and cafe gratzianis, su changs. I think I've eaten at all the lunch cafe's in down town at one time or the other and they seem OK.

I occasioanally like to visit the hot dog place by the courthouse. I like the southern slaw dog.

Greasy burgers are best and Major Magleashes, it's kinda a dive though.

Best beef tips at Champions grill in peabody.

Try Ziggy's donuts, corner of web and Essex, everyday except saturdays. Get a jelly and you'll be converted. Dube's seafood people rave about.

Finz, victoria station and captains is just OK, Service can be iffy. I given up on the pig's eye, between bad service a a cook that can't cook.

Witch's Brew is a "regular's" kind of place food is good, service can be iffy.

There's a new place opened up right around the corner on the same block as taste of asia, called Gou Gou's or something like that. Wife likes it, crepes, sandwiches that kind of thing.

She likes Cafe Yaho for coffee and such down on derby wharf.

Sep 15, 2007
dave_chis in Greater Boston Area