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Papalote-Inspired Salsa

I made this and loved it, although mine turned out thicker than I think it was suppose to be, and salty than I expect, but I love salt. Definitely the best salsa I've ever had, but it's hard to label this as a traditional salsa.

I'll give it a second try next weekend and see if I can come closer to the intended results.

Sep 15, 2007
TravisO in Recipes

Mixto Is for Losers

>> mc_michael said,
>> I find it odd that Patron got no mention at all. It's 100% and pretty ubiquitous.

As a tequila fan, I can tell you it's because Patron is vastly overrated. The tequila snobs won't even touch it, not because it's "too cheap", but because it's so harsh and low quality especially for the amount they charge for it.

Personally I recommend Don Julio, it's the same price but the quality is MUCH higher. I also have a fondness for Cabo Wabo as it started me interested in tequila but I know the snobs aren't very fond of it as they point out it has a more chemical taste than most tequilas.

I haven't jumped into the ultra premium market yet, it's bad enough spending ~$50 per 750ml bottle so I can't comment on that market.

Personally, I'd rather drink 1800 than Patron, same low quality, but 1/3rd the price.

Sep 15, 2007
TravisO in Features