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Best ice cream 2011

How come no one mentioned Marco Polo gelato shop in the sunset? Its continues to be my go to spot for great gelato ever since growing up, the place is a hole in wall, but who cares as it continues to churn out the finest Italian gelato ice cream in SF bay area, and you can't find the one of kind Asian fruit flavored gelatos... Durian being one of my new faves!

1447 Taraval St
(between 24th Ave & 25th Ave)
San Francisco, CA 94116
Neighborhood: Parkside
(415) 731-2833

Indian Chai to make a really great tasting chai?

enjoy chai a lot, but probably just as many versions of chai as their are versions of apple pie.
anyone have a simple but great tasting chai to share?
are their other countries that also have a variation of chai drink? I immediately think of horchata drink, but I think that is made of milk.

any suggestions?

Aug 11, 2012
riceisnice2011 in Home Cooking

Guys nite out...where to?

6 good buddies, wife-less, girl friend less, and single (again) have been planning a nite out for sometime, we ended wanting to try Pampas the Brazilian churrascaria for the carnivores that we are.
we are not really familiar with Palo Alto or around town, where to after dinner for entertainment or hangout and chill? any suggestions would be appreciated,

Costco rotisserie chicken...why is it so good?

what type of briney solution do you use, i would like to try it.

Nov 29, 2011
riceisnice2011 in Chains

Timeframe for a brined chicken

how did the chicken turn out? whats the recipe to brine?

Nov 28, 2011
riceisnice2011 in Home Cooking

Costco rotisserie chicken...why is it so good?

is this the ingredient list straight from the package?

Nov 27, 2011
riceisnice2011 in Chains

Costco rotisserie chicken...why is it so good?

One of the only reason i shop at costco is because of the rotisserie chicken, not because its cheap, not because its convenient, simply because its the best spit roasted chicken.
Just wondering if anyone has any idea why the costco chicken is that much better? is it the chicken, the the special seasoning, the special plastic container it comes in? any input or thoughts would be appreciated, and if you know if another place to get great tasting rotisserie chicken or meats- please share on this thread...thank you and to great eating.

Nov 27, 2011
riceisnice2011 in Chains