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German Food in Lower Hudson Valley?

Jennifer's is wonderful, very kind and attentive staff, great specials. To me it feels like dinner at someone's house.

Caterer for wedding in northern Westchester? in Bedford Hills is wonderful

http://www.jenniferskitchenandcaterin... in Mt Kisco

Both places have excellent food and service.

Margherita pizza company - Mt.kisco, NY

I stopped in today to get a menu...I think it is the same as the old Pizza and Brew: red sauce and meatballs, but they have a brick oven. Not sure if I want to try it after the horrors of Francesca's though, I think the guy at the counter was the same one.

Myrna's Greenwich

I ate there when it opened last summer. I was not impressed

Bedford Hills, NY - Food shopping?

I live in BH. I do my basic shopping at the Mt Kisco A&P (don't go near the Katonah one!) and use the Muscoot Farm Sunday Farmer's market for fresh items. The Korean market next to Cosi has wonderful produce year round Also the new place in BH across from the train station, Table Local Market is great!

Bakeries in Mount Kisco/Chappaqua

Jennifer's in Mt Kisco has great cakes, and they will make anything you need/want. Sadly Jennifer passed away in April unexpectedly, but her husband is keeping the kitchen open. Try it!

Need a good bakery in Westchester

Jennifer's in Mt Kisco has great cakes, and they will work with you if you want something that they don't normally make. I just had a chocolate Boston Cream Cake from them, and it was wonderful!

Mt Kisco, Jamaican?

We tried it the other night, not bad. Goat curry, stewed chicken and jerk. All came with rice and plantains. They have a menu, but not everything is offered each day. A nice addition to the never ending parade of Italian and Chinese in this area!

DH spoke to the owner of the Irish place next to Mango Cafe, the new space will be a middle of the road French bistro. He wasn't sure of the opening date.

Mt Kisco, Jamaican?

Clipper magazine had an ad for a new Jamaican place in Mt Kisco on South Moger Ave. Does anyone know anything about this?

Mystic, CT recommendations

Try Kitchen Little for breakfast, just get there early. Try to sit outside if you can. Paul's Pasta in New london is wonderful, and I am a sucker for Abbott's (or Costello's if the line is too long) The Sea Swirl is great for a quick bite, and ice cream

bakeries in northern westchester

Jennifer's in Mt Kisco is very good. Its on Lexington, by Thai Angels.

Coco Rumba's

Drove by last night on my way to Q and the lot was full and there were balloons outside. It looked pretty packed, like a private party maybe? As for a new type of restaurant in Mt K, the last thing we need is Chinese or Italian....That is all there is! How about some real Middle Eastern, or Korean? Something besides red sauce and fried American/Chinese!

Coco Rumba's

I've had drinks there in the past, jsut not this time around b/c I am expecting. I do love their drinks, best part of going there in the summer! They didn't explain why they closed, just that it was for those few days.

Coco Rumba's

Ate there last night...They closed for 3 days last week according to the waiter. Not a great meal, but decent. Service was a bit lacking, but the tapas we ordered were fresh and hot. Their lunch menu is better than the dinner menu I think.

Irish Pub Mt Kisco?

I saw next to Mango Cafe that there was an Irish place opened. Any info? It looks like it is in the old Casa Migual space. Is it a shop or a pub?

Ropa Vieja??? HELP!!!

Coco Rhumba's in Mt Kisco has some pretty good food..

I've had ropa vieja there, but maybe it was a special the night we went.

Coal Fired Pizza Oven in the Hudson Valley

There is a coal fire pizza place in Hawthorne, across from the theatre called Sabatino's
It looks like a scene out of the Soprano's but the pizza is excellent!