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Good Asian downtown TO

I'm getting together with a couple of girlfriends next week, and I'm usually charged with selecting a restaurant. Asian works well due to some dietary restrictions. Looking for something that has decent (at least) food, not too high end, but still a nice atmosphere where we can relax and chat.

We went to Khao San Road last time and, while the food was good, the atmosphere wasn't really conducive to "catching up" (we only get together once or twice a year).

It doesn't have to be Asian, but Italian is def out. I'm so out of touch with Toronto restaurants! Suggestions would be appreciated. Looking for something south of College and, say, between about Bathurst and Jarvis.


Thanks so much for all your input! We're looking forward to some good eating, which is one of the reasons we chose Belize over Costa Rica.


My husband and I are going to be in Belize for a couple of weeks in January. We'll be in San Pedro for the first 4 or 5 days, and then the rest is unplanned. Does anyone have any "shouldn't miss" recommendations for San Pedro or elsewhere (including mainland/inland)?