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conte's in rockland

anyone heard he's gonna open a new place in spruce head?

conte's in rockland

went by the other day for a biggg plate of fresh seafood and pasta and the place was closed and looked like it was being gutted.i'm hoping john is rehabing but that is not the john i know.does anyone what is going on there?

Help needed with Boothbay Harbor area

mcseagull's in bbh is quite good and i guessing would work with you---worth a call.

Long Grain - Camden, ME

i am happy to confirm the kimchi with pork belly is not to be missed.YUMMY

Long Grain - Camden, ME

going tonight.they were clear that a reservation was a good idea(it is a small place)also they are closed sunday and monday.

solo bistro in bath

anybody have any opinion on whether it is worth a try?

any opinions on fuel and fishbone in lewiston?

thanks in advance

A/1 diner in gardiner

is it worth a visit?what's good?

transporting muffs

thank you all.i wouldn't have thought of the old muffaletta in pants trick.after this visit there aint gonna be no room in my pants

Jul 21, 2010
t quaranto in New Orleans

transporting muffs

would like to bring home a central grocery muff.does anyone know if they can get thru airport security.

Jul 20, 2010
t quaranto in New Orleans

hungry guy visiting from maine

it has been ten years since i last visited your fair city so i'm sadly out of date.i fondly remember a great dim sum place on outer geary and am really looking forward to the ferry building farmer's market.but i really need your help----what are the can't miss eating experiences currently?doesn't need be a fancy restaurant,doesn't even need to be a restaurant!what are your favorite things that you have eaten that come to mind as you read this?thanks,come to maine and i'll hook you up

Good Atmosphere on Maine's MidCoast?

cafe miranda--casual,family run friendly place .extensive,different menu.large portions,good value for local fav!

burger joint in falmouth-yarmouth area

bless your heart barbara that sounds right.i'm waddling there right now!