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Upscale Brunch?

You are the third person to suggest Al Biernet! Leaning towards it a little more now ;)

Upscale Brunch?

I've seen the brunch thread below but I was looking for something more specific. I wanted to celebrate my birthday with a few of my friends and was looking for a place where we could 'go all out' and not be out of place by looking overdressed. I'm putting price limit per person to about 40-50 but can be flexible if need be. Thank you guys!

DFW teppanyaki. Is Benihana's the best option?

(adding on) Kobe in Addison has 2 more locations, one in Nashville and another in Atlanta. All others named 'Kobe' are not affiliated.

Chocolates in Dallas

Second the Chocolate Secrets place; good chocolate, good ice cream, good wine.

Good 'non-sushi' Japanese food in town?

Hey guys, I was looking for a good authentic (or as close as you can get to 'authentic' in DFW) Japanese restaurant that showcase the non-sushi side of Japanese cuisine, hence the title. So far, my favorite is Sushiyama near 635&Forest - their ramen and tonkatsu were pretty good, and their takoyaki is almost similar to the ones I had in Osaka, Japan, but I was wondering if there was some other places in town that has stuff like donburi and Japanese style curry rice and what not, other than Sushiyama. Any suggestions?