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Thanksgiving Turkey Cake

At first this made me laugh. I wanted to be grossed out, but was a little intrigued as well! I almost instantly decided to make it for the gross-out and novelty factors, but the more I thought about it the more I thought it would probably taste pretty good! If I don't have time for the dinner we are going to (less than 2 very busy days) then I'll make it afterwards and invite people to dinner =o) LOVE the idea of piping some mashed potatoes, too! I am impressed with whomever designed this. What a way to add some flavor (no pun intended, but it's a good one, don't you think? ;-) and fun and variety to life!

Nov 22, 2011
GoAndDo in Recipes

Survey: Telfon cookwares - Positive or Negative Impact for our culture?

Looks like this might be over, but I still want to vote =o)

1) b) Negative

2) f) Health

3) h) Zero

4) k) Yes

And for short explanations,
2) I used to cook with nothing but teflon pans and loved it, as long as the non-stick held out. I finally saw enough convincing studies that health won out over convenience and I stopped using it. Later on I found out that titanium, and stainless steel cookware, if you do it right, can be non-stick as well. WOOT! (Still saving up for a nice set of either one.)
3) Cheap non-stick is so affordable that it was hard for us to give it up, but we did.
(I haven't gone into explanations because you asked that this not become a debate.)
4) I have often tried to be, usually feel like I've failed, but aside from friends and family even a few strangers have told me that I am, so maybe it's at least a little true... I hope =o)

Nov 22, 2011
GoAndDo in Cookware

Cutco Pots & Pans

My parents and 2-3 of my siblings and their families all have Saladmaster cookware and you're right, they are pricey! We have done some parties just so we could get some of their tools. We were given a Cutco knife set for our wedding, which is how we afforded them. LOVE those knives! And talk about customer service? I have seen exemplary customer service with both these companies across the board, from sales to replacements.
I hadn't heard about Nutri-Stahl until today when I saw that has a GREAT deal on them later this week. Excited to get my wife a set I started to check prices on Nutri-Stahl, but the little information that I COULD find was just people giving 1-2 out of 5 stars to the company and saying what a scam they are and how awful to deal with are the people who work for them. There are only a couple reviews on, and the site with the most feedback I found is here:

I continued looking after finding the first couple reviews, hoping they were just bitter or something, because I really wanted to get a great set of cookware for my family, but have come to the conclusion that maybe less than $180 for the 22-piece set isn't as unbelievable of a deal as it sounds :(

Nov 22, 2011
GoAndDo in Cookware