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Yeah, that list is still good.

- "Afternoon tea". The Merrion is the best, but isn't cheap. Alternatively, I've heard good things about the Shelbourne. Afternoon tea is a great experience if you've never had it before.

- Seafood: Caveston's is about 20 minutes from the city center, but it is hard to beat.

- Further afield - Bon Apetit in Malahide (about 40 minutes from city center) is exceptional food in an amazing setting in Malahide harbour.

Cliff Town house on Stephens green is great,
as is Dax on Pembroke street.
Chez Max on Baggot street always does good food and the heated outdoor seating area out the back is great for ambiance.
The Farm on Dawson street is all organic and does great food.

Nov 21, 2011
dramalone in U.K./Ireland