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Requesting venue ideas for a Fall October 2012 wedding (Montreal, Qc area)

Hello :)

My fiancee and I are from Montreal, Qc... however we are currently living in Hong Kong. We're planning to have a wedding for October 2012 back home in Canada, and we'll be returning to Montreal around March 2012 (yes we know, cutting it short!).

However, our parents are at home and able to help us check out venues and such while we plan from abroad. Hope you can help us with some suggestions to pass along to them!

We are looking at around 300 guests, so we need a decent sized venue. We are prioritizing food quality and service, as decor we can hopefully change/add to our liking.

We are also open to areas around Montreal as well. Unfortunately we do not know many places and aren't as familiar with any hidden gems on the outside of Montreal.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

Hong Kong Restaurant
29 Thorne Av, Temiscaming, QC J0Z3R0, CA

Nov 21, 2011
eblou in Quebec (inc. Montreal)