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Jean Talon Market and vicinity (updates) 2015

Has anyone seen reusable grocery bags for sale at Jean Talon? If I could buy one there to use while in Montreal then bring home as a souvenir, I would be very happy!

kid-friendly but serious eats in ABQ?

Recommendations for a great dinner in ABQ that's not New Mexican? We don't care if there's no kids menu, because my 3 year old can hang with the most adventurous of eaters. I wouldn't want to bring him somewhere inappropriate - anywhere candle-lit/requiring a sport coat - but anything goes, as far as the menu.

Our favorite restaurant in San Diego was the Linkery (slow food, local beers, snout to tail, etc) so I am considering Farm and Table. Thoughts on that, or other recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

edit: or what about Ezra's Place?

Looking for food and drink in Santa Fe

Your picks are solid. Only one note- I have heard so many terrible things about the service at Vinaigrette. I can't in good conscience tell you not to go, though, since I haven't actually been myself. For an alternative non-New Mexican dinner, consider the Tune-Up Cafe. The food is always solid and sometimes excellent, the atmosphere is as you describe above, and the service is good. I'm surprised to not see it recommended more often on this board.

For a wide selection of tequilas (and New Mexican food in the passable-very good range, and relaxed atmosphere), try Maria's on West Cordova. Just take care while drinking at this elevation, if you're not used to it!

I have had wonderful breakfasts at Cafe Pasqual.

For local beer, and very decent brewpub food, go to 2nd Street Brewery. If you plan to do the Farmers Market (Sat) or Artisans Market (Sun), it's super convenient to immediately follow with a lunch at their Railyard location.

Enjoy your visit!

Vital Wheat Gluten in SF or ABQ?

Thank you for the Montanita suggestions. They did indeed have VWG, and it has improved things greatly! Still not there yet, but much closer.

Vital Wheat Gluten in SF or ABQ?

Looking for vital wheat gluten in Santa Fe -- has anyone seen this at a local grocer? I have checked both Whole Foods and Sunflower Markets. I'd even drive to ABQ, since it seems to only be available in bulk online.

Also, if anyone has insight into how to make the Artisan Bread in 5 Min a Day method work at altitude, I would be most grateful!