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Rehoboth Beach Long Weekend Suggestions?

Thanks so much everyone for your suggestions in Rehoboth Beach. Here is what we ended up doing: The first night we got in late and went to the Dogfish Head Brewpub for dinner. We ended up making our own impromptu beer/dinner paitring including hot wings with their Jalepeno Cilantro Ale, a mushroom soup paired with a beer brewed w/ Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme and then a summer sausage & queso fresco pizza with a beer brewed with pinot noir grapes. All very tasty.

We had lunch one day at Agave in Lewes which was a bit of a dissappointment. After a longer than estimated wait we had a guacamole sampler that was sadly underseasoned and a queso fundidpo that was still cold in the center but after being reheated by the kitchen was at least average.

Easily the best meal of the trip was dinner at Pig & Fish in Rehoboth. Their crab bisque was among the better soups we have had and this was paired with a nice beer and cocktail selection including homemade sangria. The entrees were particularly memorable with my wife having a smoked pork tenderloin with tabasco and a sage honey glaze matched with an amazing smoked tomato risotto while I had a NY Strip with gorgonzola herb butter and a crab cake that was also outstanding. We then split a house made bread pudding dessert and left blown away by the experience. Definitely would reccomend Pig and Fish as the quintessential gastro pub with great service, food and drink.

Our final day we got some house made cheeses and meats from Touch of Italy in Lewes for lunch (highly reccomend their smoked mozz) then later headed to Nage in Rehoboth for our dinner. Nage was quite good with a mushroom soup with goat cheese and very tasty truffle frites among the highlights and excellent service as well. Thanks again for the suggestions and hope to be back to the area soon.

Mar 23, 2012
EasternCT in Mid-Atlantic

Rehoboth Beach Long Weekend Suggestions?

We are taking our dogs down for a long weekend in Rehoboth Beach and are looking for lunch and dinner suggestions. We will be touring the Dog Fish Head Brewery. Any good recommendations in the Rehoboth Beach area for lunch and dinner?

Feb 20, 2012
EasternCT in Mid-Atlantic

Colchester, CT - a culinary wasteland?

I think the fact that Ichiban has been doing so well to the point of extended waits, even before their bar opens, is a sign that Colchester, and the surrounding area, has a pent up demand for something better than is currently available. They are getting impressive reviews from several surrounding towns (East Hampton, Moodus, Hebron et al.) and I think that Colchester can support additional higher quality dining options. I think too many of the options here are stuck in the past where quantity and lower prices were sufficient and that today's diner is more educated and discerning but will support restaurants that are making a serious effort toward better food.

Colchester, CT - a culinary wasteland?

Ichiban Asian Bistro YES! Finally a GOOD restaurant in Colchester. This is what we have been waiting for. I knew it would happen. My husband and I went there the night they opened. The sushi is amazing. We asked the waitress to recommend the best and she delivered. First, we had a pepper tuna- seared perfect. Then yellowtail tuna with fresh jalepeno, spicy tuna hand rolls, Uni (sea urchin), which is not for everyone, but my husband loved it. We've also tried the Tom Ka soup (Coconut soup), green curry tofu, beef teryaki (they use real, good quality steak, not mystery meat). Yeah, we have been there a lot and I am pretty sure they have only been open a month. They are awaiting their liquour license, but can't wait to go back to their full bar and have a cocktail and some sushi after work.

One day for lunch in Hartford area?

I would love to see any of those places you mention in Hartford. Especially Turkish food. There is nothing good along those lines that I am aware of. You could go to Glastonbury and try Sakura Garden.....they are a chain but not too bad. Their sushi is pretty good. Also in Glastonbury, Hanafin's Pub is new to town and they have traditional Irish food. Mr. Hanafin is straight from Ireland and also has a place in New London we go to often. They have a good shepard's pie, fish and chips, and bangers and mash. I just wish they had a better beer menu. Plan B in the same plaza has some awesome burgers and a great beer list.

Colchester, CT - a culinary wasteland?

I know the mexican place you speak of at the 85 split and it is not Mexican at all. It is owned by Gilbertie's, the new restaurant in town. They serve really gross burritos with wet meat. Awful.Gilbertie's has a really nice lounge, well decorated but their food is sub par and I don't think they know what salt is. It is banquet type food, I believe the owner's son is the chef and graduate of Johnson & Wales.The entrees are really over priced for what you get. I'm in total agreement that if you build it, they will come. People come through Colchester all the time from the casino and the beach. They all stop at Harry's. So there is a demand.

Colchester, CT - a culinary wasteland?

I actually agree that Colchester will not, and in fact should not be Glastonbury, West Hartford etc. However, don't think that means that there can't be, at least for small town CT, some diversity in dining options. I can't imagine that a decent independently run and reasonably priced Mexican, Thai or Japanese establishment wouldn't flourish in lieu of the 6th or 7th best of the 7 current Italian/Greek pizza joints in town.

Stonington CT need advice

I would recommend the Dog Watch Cafe or Milagro in Stonington Borough. In Mystic, I happen to love the Vodoo Grill for a laid back lunch, sort of a neighborhood dive with a cajun flare.

I would recommend you take a short drive to Dev's on Bank Street in New London. They are family run and serve Spanish tapas and homemade specialties. The service is great and they have a cozy atmosphere. If you go, try the Miss Saigon (sticky bun stuffed with spiced pork) the toasted goat cheese is to die for, and their corn, chorizo and clam chowder is amazing. The homemade churro with chocolate sauce is perfect paired with their bananas foster. YUM! I want to go there now....

Dog Watch Cafe
194 Water St, Stonington, CT 06378

Stonington CT need advice

Bravo Bravo is very good and the same people own Azu. Azu is a little more laid back, bar food and Bravo Bravo is really small and stuffy with iffy service. The owner has a terrible reputation for being difficult and that transfers down to her staff.

32 W Main St, Mystic, CT 06355

Bravo Bravo Restaurant
20 E Main St, Mystic, CT 06355

Beef cheeks

The Still River Cafe in Eastford, CT serves them from time to time. This restaurant is amazingly good but are only opened certain days and times so check out their website. Totally worth the drive and plan on a long, leisurly dinner in an old farmhouse that has been updated with really comfy modern decor. Also try their cardamom and orange pressed coffee after dinner with dessert.

Still River Cafe
134 Union Rd, Eastford, CT 06242

help a pregnant girl figure out dinner (Hartford, CT area)

Go to the Corner Pug. Mmmmm, port wine cheddar burger.

Corner Pug
1046 New Britain Ave, West Hartford, CT 06110

Colchester, CT - a culinary wasteland?

I agree that Harry's is great during the months they are open. We enjoy them quite frequently in the summer. I do not agree that people in Colchester want to live in a town that is very different from Glastonbury. I think Glastonbury is over populated, has little parking and is becoming a bit saturated, however not all of the people of Colchester lack the sophistication or income to support a well run, quality restaurant - independent of course. I do not want to see a chain restaurant roll in here.

As a side note, I saw a sign for Ichi-Ban Asian Bistro in the new shopping plaza next to Stop and Shop. Does anyone have any info on that or when it is opening? I can't find anything online.

Asian Bistro
100 Market St, Rockland, MA 02370

Connecticut Pizza

New Haven -Sally's. Hands down.
Glastonbury - Luna Pizza
Colchester - toss up between Plum Tomato & Illiano's
East Windsor - Henry's Pizza, best sauce in the world

Plum Tomato
275 S Main St, Colchester, CT 06415

709 Broad Street Ext, Waterford, CT 06385

Iguanas Ranas Taqueria (Middletown, CT): tasty bargain!

I also lived in CA for a while so I know what you are talking about. You will not find an independetly owned taco drive through here. Try one of the Margaritas chains in either East Hartford or Mystic for your burrito craving. For more authentic, upscale Mexican, Milagro in Stonington Borough is very nice. Very small, but great food.

Colchester, CT - a culinary wasteland?

We recently moved to Colchester and are amazed at how little options there are for restaurants in such a large town. There are seven pizza restaurants in town. There are five Chinese restaurants in town and two of them are owned by the same owner. For upscale dining options, we have Nunu's, Cafe Mangia and Gilbertie's Place. Nunu's & Cafe Mangia are italian. And finally there is the doomed Cafe on Main who started off strong in town, but now has resorted to a $6 menu and installed an ATM to accept cash only. Seedy. I think a good mexican restaurant would kill in town. Or how about Thai, or German, or a seafood restaurant, or a good pub with good pub food, or anything except pizza and chinese. How can we get some variety in town? I know I am not alone!!

Cafe Mangia
68 Linwood Ave, Colchester, CT 06415

Breakfast in or near Lebanon CT

Colchester, although lacking in variety of cuisine, does offer a few good breakfast places.. For somthing quick and fresh, Tim's Bistro is great. They have breakfast sandwichs, good bagels and flavored cream cheeses and fresh baked goods. My favorite thing to do is visit Colchester Bakery if you are looking to bring some great baked goods with you. Family Pizza has a great breakfast with a ton of variety. And Diane's hidden in the Westchester shopping plaza behind Germano's has really good omlets.