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New to DE

Sorry, cannot agree with Yankee about restaurants in DE. We have some good ones in Newark. Try Caffe Gelato (nouvelle cuisine, good wine list, periodic wine dinners), Iron Hill Brewery (excellent beer brewed on premises and best food I have run across at any brew pub) and Homegrown, all on Main Street. For Indian, we like Maharaja on Kirkwood Highway, just outside Newark. Decor there is nothing to write home about but the food is good. Nonna Ristorante has good Italian food. In Wilmington, check out Moro (excellent), 821, Corner Bistro (north of town, on Silverside Road), Culinaria (also north of town, Marsh and Silverside), Mikimotos and Jasmine (both good for sushi).

Sep 14, 2007
2littletime in Mid-Atlantic

Quick dinner in Center City Philly

One of my favorites is Chloe, on 2d Street. BYO, very good food, small and cozy, although not a huge menu so I'm not sure whether there would be enough choices for your vegetarian. If you go, try the grilled Caesar salad. Sounds weird, tastes good. If you go at sixish, you shouldn't have trouble getting in, and it's not too expensive since you bring your own drinks. Also the Continental Diner is good and not far from there (Market and 2d or 3d, I think).

Sep 14, 2007
2littletime in Pennsylvania

Need places to eat from NJ to FLA

In Wilmington, DE, Harry's Savoy Grill on Naaman's Road would not be too far off your route (495 South) and has very tasty food. Culinaria is also good and only a few minutes off 495 (but I'm not sure if they are open for lunch).

Sep 14, 2007
2littletime in Mid-Atlantic

Top five for $25

We ate at Nook last year and thought it was very good, especially the Hungarian goulash. It's tiny, though.

Sep 14, 2007
2littletime in Manhattan