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Taste of Lawrence

Will take a walk and explore. Thanks for the advice on the side streets... will try my luck.

Taste of Lawrence

Looking at attending Taste of Lawrence this coming weekend. Will be my first time attending and hopefully there will be some tasty food options. Any suggestions on things to try? I'm not really familiar with that type of cooking but willing to try anything.

also and just as importantly, can someone recommend someplace to park my truck. Doesn't matter if it's paid parking, but hopefully somewhere close to the action.

Toronto Costcos - which steaks do you buy?

Just look up Reverse Sear on youtube.

What is your current "List"? (i.e. places you want to try)

I'm not from Toronto and only visit a few times a year. My wishes are not extravagant and tend towards the quick meal.

Banh Mi Boys
Burgers Priest
Lisa Marie
Moo Frites

Dinner and drinks in downtown Toronto

I don't know the vibe at Richmond Station as I've never been. My recommendation for your price range is usually the tasting menu at Trevor Kitchen and bar on Wellington. 55$ for 5 course. they also have a 9 course tasting available and you can do them with or without wine pairings.

Scarborough Hounds! Who's been to Ace's Place in Guildwood?

Just down Guildwood parkway... 2minute drive.

Scarborough Hounds! Who's been to Ace's Place in Guildwood?

its down the street from my in-laws. Maybe we'll try it over the holidays.

Is there somewhere that I can buy chicken skin in Toronto

check with one of the Chinese Grocers.
a friend of mine makes an cream cheese stuffed jalepeno wrapped in chicken skin. It's put together with a bit of meat glue to get everything to stay wrapped well enough to either deep fry or grill.

The Stone Cottage Inn / now Pub (Kingston Rd)

driven by many times as my wife is from Guildwood but I've never been. This summer they had a large offset smoker in the parking lot so I wondered what that was all about. i don't think they're a BBQ joint.

Corkage and Chef's Table / Tasting Menu

trevor Kitchen and Bar offer free corkage on tuesdays and wednesdays according to their website. Best to call to confirm though. http://www.trevorkitchenandbar.com/im...

The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2014 - October to December

Mea culpa.

good indian food in Scarbourogh

The chili chicken and the garlic chicken were both good. I am no expert in Indian Food though... just going by what I like. They have 2 out of 3 peppers on the menu and are both plenty spicy. I see all the regulars ordering the Biryanis though so maybe they know something I don`t.

good indian food in Scarbourogh

yes. it's very spicy south indian.

good indian food in Scarbourogh

We enjoy Anjapppar Chettinad on Eglinton

Ribs that don't fall off the bone

I think we have to distinguish between BBQ and competition BBQ. Most BBQ is fall off the bone, the type you get from slow smoking meat for hours. Competition BBQ should have a gentle tug from the bone. Meat that comes off the bone too easily would cost points in tenderness and be considered overcooked.

First date - Need a recommendation where to go tommorow

Trevor Kitchen and Bar.. right near St-Lawrence market.

Any farmers markets in toronto east


Any farmers markets in toronto east

the O of T one is right near my inlaws place... perfect... Will check it out.

Any farmers markets in toronto east

Gonna be spending some time in Scarborough in a few weeks. Are there any weekend farmers market's around there where we can get fresh fruits and veggies, jams, preserves, desserts... that sort of thing.

Adonis coming to Scarborough

Looking forward to checking out this new place.

Rotel Tomatoes in Toronto?

since this thread is 3 years old, I thought I would revive it and see if anyone has found Rotel tomatoes anywhere in Toronto yet.

Has anyone used Mamaluv meal delivery?

from the website under Menu and warming instructions : All Mamaluv meals arrive par-cooked & frozen for enjoyment at your convenience – and can be easily warmed in the microwave or oven.

The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2014 - April to June

I mistakenly assumed they were shot ribs not beef back ribs. They look good but with a smoker at home i'd rather just make my own. :)

The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2014 - April to June

are these beef short ribs uncut or are they sliced and ready for the likes of Korean BBQ?

Heading to Ottawa

With kids... Zac's diner in the byward market if it's still around.

Single Traveler - Downtown Ottawa

Also I've never been but have heard good things about Supply and Demand.


Single Traveler - Downtown Ottawa

I might be a bit late, but I would recommend either walking to the Byward Market and eating at Vittoria Tratoria. The pizzas are exquisite but so is everything else.


Hogtown Smoke - brick and mortar location

In Nashville when having DF pickles, they were medallions.. more batter per pickle.. .makes them taste more like dill pickle chips.

The Costco Thread (Ontario - 2014 - part 1)

One product I wish they would bring back is the store made roasted garlic bread on baguette. It was outstanding and I haven't seen it in about 2 years.

Weekend Dining Adventure