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Smoking Salmon on a Gas Grill. [moved from Minneapolis-St. Paul board]

So I'm thinking about trying to smoke a side (or two) of salmon on my gas grill. Has anyone attempted this? and if so, how did it turn out and do you have any tips?

Smoked salmon is really expensive.................but so damn good when done properly!

Please do not recommend buying/building a smoker or charcoal grill, I know that would work better, but I don't have the time or funds for that.

Wood chips or cedar plank? any suggestions would be awesome.

Apr 15, 2012
KAJohnson328 in Home Cooking

Best Hero/Sub Sandwiches in MSP (Not Counting Subway and other chains)

I second Clancey's, AWESOME sandwiches, served on very crusty bread though so it's a bit of a jaw workout. Broders has a great Italian sub too, which Ive been told is very authentic, but I'm not from the east coast so I don't have anything to compare it to.

Where's the beef?

Yes you are being too picky. I have tried almost all the places on your list and they all make a good burger IMHO. I think I can suggest a good place to try on your quest for burger perfection............your kitchen. (owning a cast iron skillet helps) That way you know whats in it, and if you screw it know where to place the blame :)

Surdyk's Liquor infuriates Surly Nation!!!

Maybe this argument is something we should "get to the bottom of" over a pint of Summit, after all that's only 10.99 a 12pack :)

Dining In Chaska.

wow, thanks everybody, definitely a few new places to check out, as well as some old southwest metro standby's.

Dining In Chaska.

A friend of mine just moved to Chaska and asked me if there were any decent restaurants he should check out. I honestly don't know, my instinct says no unfortunately. Anybody have any suggestions?

Surdyk's Liquor infuriates Surly Nation!!!

Surly makes good beer (I personally think it's a little overrated) but there are many other fantastic brews available for reasonable prices. If some nerdy Surly fanatic wants to spend 36$ on it than why shouldn't Surdyk's take advantage of that?

Top 5 Restaurants for B'day Dinner

All the places I've seen posted so far are great, I would add Lurcat in Loring park, and Osteria I Nonni in Lilydale. Both are great.

I Nonni
981 sibley memorial hwy, Lilydale, MN 55118