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SF- Ideas for a gift certificate for an excellent dinner

I'm purchasing a gift certificate as an engagement present for a couple who is moving to San Francisco from NYC. I want to send them somewhere excellent, innovative, and modern to celebrate a special occasion. They are both 30, but are professionals, so somewhere not too stuffy but still classy. Price point: dinner between $150 and $300 for a couple. I can only compare to places in NYC, but something along the lines of ABC Kitchen, Marea, Daniel, Blue Hill, Annisa.
Many thanks!

May 29, 2013
studentwife in San Francisco Bay Area

UES reasonably priced restaurant for out of town visitors

Not sure what not too expensive means, but here are a few good options: Flex Mussels, Beyoglu, Spigolo, Sfoglia, Lusardi's, Alloro

Aug 22, 2012
studentwife in Manhattan


Also agree with Wells review. My husband thought the pizza tasted like pizza hut. I just didn't care for it. It's heavy and tasted flat. The caponata tasted off and the meatballs mostly tasted of salt. The ice cream was the highlight, although that's relative to a pretty disappointing meal. As a couple who loves Marea, and also frequents NYC's best pizza offerings, Nicoletta was a huge let down. I think Michael White will fight for success here though, as it's clear that he wants to expand with this idea. Give it a couple months.

Aug 11, 2012
studentwife in Manhattan

EMP: Grid v Tasting

If you haven't been to EMP and don't know if you'll go back, I highly suggest the tasting menu. We just did the tasting. Including a trip to the see the kitchen, we were there for five hours. We also received different courses when we specified (my husband does not eat cheese). I will say that the tables on either side of us ordered off the grid and throughout the entire meal, they were staring at the plates brought to our table and asked their servers what we were eating for multiple courses. I think you get to taste more dishes with the tasting menu than off the grid. The menu I received is 14 courses, and doesn't even include a few of the extras we received.

Jul 24, 2012
studentwife in Manhattan

Dinner for 11 similar to Del Anima, L'Artuzzi, Standard setting/food....


Jul 15, 2012
studentwife in Manhattan

Best Pizza or lunch near Grand Central Station

I'll second Naya Express, and definitely Naples 45. How about Chickpea on 45th also for decent falafel, pretty good hummus, sandwiches and platters.

Jun 28, 2012
studentwife in Manhattan

Fun dinner for four on the west side

Hi all- looking for dinner suggestions for us and another couple during the week. I've scanned opentable and feel so uninspired. Last time we went out with this couple, we went to La Promenade des Anglais and had a great time. Looking for something similar, maybe a bit of a younger crowd (we're low 30s) and perhaps a bit less cost (but that's not a deal breaker). Something west of Gramercy, above financial district and below central park. We want great food and a great atmosphere. Help!

Jun 28, 2012
studentwife in Manhattan

Reservation for 8, 30th birthday, looking for cool NYC

Hi all- We're celebrating three 30th birthday parties at a dinner for eight people. Some of us are from Manhattan, but we have some out of town visitors also who are looking for a "fun, cool, NYC" vibe. We're looking in East/West/Greenwich village, Noho/Soho. Not above the low twenties and not tribeca or way downtown. My first thought was Rubirosa would be great, but they don't have availability for us on the date. Suggestions for a similar vibe? Budget is around $40 per person not including drinks. Thanks all!

Jun 14, 2012
studentwife in Manhattan

Best Linguine with White Clam in Manhattan?

I just had a great one at Emilio's Ballato.

Emilio's Ballato
55 E Houston St, New York, NY 10012

Mar 12, 2012
studentwife in Manhattan

The wait at PARM for dinner?

Two of us went in around 6:45 on a Friday night and waited about 30 minutes, which was what the hostess estimated. You can take off for an hour and come back and they'll hold your spot. To be honest, I don't think this place is worth the wait at all.

Mar 10, 2012
studentwife in Manhattan

East/Central Village Dinner Help

Thanks for the suggestions. There will be four of us, and a reservation is preferred if possible. (I know it's late for that!). Average entree between $20 and $30. We are actually not really looking for Italian, but are not picky. Mediterranean, American, seafood. We are looking for a great atmosphere. Any east/central/west village location works. Thanks!

Mar 06, 2012
studentwife in Manhattan

East/Central Village Dinner Help

Looking for a dinner recommendation. We have out of town friends in unexpectedly Friday night for an 8:30/9ish dinner. It's too late to make a reservation at my usual go-tos (L'Artusi, Hearth, etc). Any suggestions for something I'm not thinking of where I might still get a reservation? Would like to take our friends out for a good NYC evening.

Mar 05, 2012
studentwife in Manhattan

Cocktails in Chelsea

Need some cocktail advice. My husband and I, who are in our early 30s and live in the city, are meeting a coworker and his wife for dinner in Chelsea on Saturday. I think dinner will be at La Promenade des Anglais. They're coming in from NJ, so I'd like to make the trip worth their while and show them a nice time with some pre-dinner cocktails. Where can I do this that will still let us walk (up to ten minutes) to get to the restaurant? Please don't say something like the Half King- we're looking for something a little classier/more intimate. I can't come up with anything good in the area!

La Promenade des Anglais
461 W 23rd St, New York, NY 10011

Mar 05, 2012
studentwife in Manhattan

Make ahead, non refrigerated dessert

Looking for a dessert recipe for Thanksgiving. I have to make it Tuesday evening and then transport it. Needs to be no refrigeration required, and obviously something that won't dry out over two days. Preferably chocolate. I haven't come across anything compelling yet. Links to recipes are much appreciated.

Nov 19, 2011
studentwife in Home Cooking