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Best Packaged Local Bacon in TC

Greg's Meats in Hampton...

Oct 13, 2014
briant in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Best Fried Rice in the Cities?

Que Viet - Special Fried Rice. As good as it is the egg rolls are even better. Make the trek, it's worth it.

May 29, 2013
briant in Minneapolis-St. Paul

more Popeye's!

In reference to the original poster's comment about wishing they would be more Pollo Campero's... I recently visited the one and only location on Robert Street and was impressed. If only all fast food was this good. I had the chicken tacos. Meat was tender and had a little zing, toppings were fresh, I think it had Cotija cheese? Sides were unique and a nice change of pace. I tried the campero beans (yum) and the fried yucca which was like breaded glue but oddly, I liked it! I will be back.

Nov 27, 2012
briant in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Outstate treasures [Moved from Minneapolis St. Paul]

I didn't find a thread for this so...

If someone walked up to me and said you could enjoy a simply sublime caramel roll from a gas station/supermarket in a little town I would chuckle and say yeah right.

My family has a little cabin on Otter Tail Lake. In the tiny town of Ottertail is Carr's Supermarket which is a gas station, bait shop and sort of a grocery/convenience store (high prices, limited selection).

Carr's makes, on-site, the most wonderful caramel rolls baked fresh each morning. It is not unusual to roll in there on a weekend morning and find a line waiting for the next batch to come out. I have come in there some mornings around 9 or 10 and found that they were sold out for the day.

These caramel rolls are warm, fresh, yeasty, caramelly and incredibly delicious. And also completely out of place.

I would classify them as a destination if you are in the area do yourself a favor and partake in the goodness that is Carr's caramel rolls. (Wipes drool off chin).

Nov 18, 2011
briant in Great Lakes