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last minute New Year's Eve recommendations

I'm a born-and-raised Vancouverite (currently living in San Francisco) coming home for the holidays. My family has asked me to pick a spot for New Year's Eve, and every single place I've looked at is already booked. I'm relatively up to date with the restaurants in Vancouver, but what with not living here any more, I'm sure my knowledge is at least slightly lacking. However I am the foodie of the family, and they're depending on me to come up with something good. In past years, we've gone to La Buca (before they started doing expensive prix fixe on NYE) and Campagnolo. Both have been big hits, though Campagnolo last year was definitely too much food (we went for the 45 bucks a head NYE dinner.) Does anyone have any suggestions of what might still be possible to get into on NYE? I like all kinds of food, but my dad is a mostly Euro-skewing meat eater, so something along similar lines to last year would be best (price wise as well)!

Nopales in Vancouver?

Does anyone know if it's possible to buy Nopales in Vancouver?

I heard that Que Pasa in Richmond might have them, but I'm relying upon public transit, so I'm hoping to find something within the city!

One upscale restaurant in Berkeley?

Hey, I'm a Vancouver chowhounder, visiting in the East Bay. My hosts want me to pick a "fancy" restaurant for Tuesday, but I don't know enough to make a decision on my own. I'm hoping some Bay Area chowhounders might be able to help me out. I'm already aware of Chez Panisse as the prototype Berkeley restaurant, but I'm curious what others might have to say about it and other upscale restaurants in Berkeley. I'm open to ethnic cuisines, but it seems like I should be aiming for something "California".


BRAZILIAN FOOD: Where to buy Manioc flour or Feijoada in Vancouver?

Thanks! I look forward to finding out.

BRAZILIAN FOOD: Where to buy Manioc flour or Feijoada in Vancouver?

I know that Manioc is flour is coarser than regular tapioca flour. Do they have coarse tapioca/cassava/manioc flour at these places or is it all fine?

BRAZILIAN FOOD: Where to buy Manioc flour or Feijoada in Vancouver?

First off, I'm am wondering if it's possible to buy Manioc flour anywhere in Metro Vancouver? I am hoping to make Farofa.

Secondly, is there anywhere to get Feijoada in Vancouver?

Where can I find Mozart chocolates in Vancouver?

I second Stong's. I was in there a couple days ago and they had a rather large selection, including the kugeln.

Guy Fieri in Vancouver - I'm sure you've all heard! [moved from BC]

I have been there and I found it quite yummy. As for Triple D worthy, I think so, though it is a bit different in that it's not as "down home" (it's run by tattooed hipster types). However, the clientele is made up of all sorts, and they do offer really big plates (especially breakfasts), at a good price, and with a southern flare, all things which appeal to DDD. And the tattooed hipsters are kind of vintage Americana types, so that sort of work with the show as well.

Best Cupcakes in Vancouver?

I'd also recommend Cookie Elf, which is a similar custom order "person-with-a-dream" type company (local, very small scale). Right now they're only advertising Christmas baking on their website, but they do special orders for things exactly like this. I've ordered several different types of their cookies, and they're all delicious.

Are you sick of Granville Island ?

I just wanted to add that I went to Edible Canada today and had a really enjoyable lunch. As an eatery, it compliments great food suppliers in the market like Oyama (local, delicious etc). I hope that more places like both of these come along and eventually Granville Island will become a better food destination. And they don't all have to be expensive either. Good food court food is possible!

Best BC cookbooks

I would definitely second the recommendation for Vij's: Elegant and Inspired Indian .

There's also a great book about the local islands called "An Edible Journey:
Exploring the Islands' Fine Foods, Farms and Vineyards" by Elizabeth Levinson. It's part travelogue part cookbook, because she goes around to food producers all over Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands and writes about them, interviews them and features their recipes. It's a great intro into the food culture of the area and a way to learn about local products and how to use them.

Vij's Restaurant
1480 11th Ave W, Vancouver, BC V6H1L1, CA

Are you sick of Granville Island ?

I love Granville Island. However, I do think the market's short order food are could be improved. Considering how food-obsessed this city is, it's odd that the premier food market has rather paltry lunch selections...I'm referring to the crappy Chinese, Mexican, Fish and Chips etc on the north side of the Market Building.

Also the restaurants in general down there tend to be more chainy and lacking in quality (Cat's Meow, the Keg etc) They could be greatly improved, but maybe there's just not enough night traffic down there to warrant the same restaurants you'd find in nearby Kits or Yaletown.

Cheapest bulk food stores?

I'm starting to do Christmas baking in very large batches. I'd like to be able to buy nuts and the like at bulk food stores for a reasonable price. Where do you guys think is best?