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bachelorette dinner

thank you to everyone for your suggestions! i really appreciated it. we ended up going to Bistro La Minette for their $45/person french family style dinner. the people that worked there were wonderful and very attentive. each course was delicious. the only dish no one really liked was the chicken-liver mousse, but that's just our taste buds. everything else we ate was delicious. it almost seemed like they took american dishes and cooked them in a french style, with the hash brown potatoes, the potato salad & green beans. the only complaint, if u can even call it that was that they took a really long time to get our drink order when we first got there, but maybe that was b/c only half our party was there, and they wanted to give us more time? who knows. right now i'm craving their cheese puffs! so light and delicous! at the very end of our meal, they sent over a plate of dark chocolates congratulating the bride. everyone that went was happy w/ the place. next time i go back to philly, i wanna try all of your other recs. i had no idea the restaurant scene in philly has gotten this good!

bachelorette dinner

hi - I'm originally from philly, haven't lived there in years... so my knowledge on great restaurants is non-existent. i'm visiting philly for a bachelorette evening in mid-january during the week. not the cheesy, corny, male stripper bachelorette evening, but more of an amazing restaurant experience, great food & wine, followed by a comedy club & maybe some bar hopping. there's about 8-10 people going. i'm looking for mid level affordable type of restaurant. italian, french, american (no steakhouses) - cheaper is always nice, but if i have to splurge, i'll totally do it. i'm looking into manayunk, center city, old city, rittenhouse square areas.

i've gotten some recommendations so far that all sound amazing - Supper, Melograno, La Viola & Meritage. I want to hear what fellow chowhounders recommend, and if i'm on the right track w/ my list, and should just pick one of those.

thanks for your help!

Roadtrip from LA

thanks for the suggestion... i think we're gonna try Lilo's!

Jun 18, 2008
eastcostFOODlover in Southwest

Roadtrip from LA

Hey chowbuddies --

I'm driving from LA to Cortez, Colorado this weekend. I'd love to know if there are any gems along the way that you could recommend for us to stop and chow down. I know what's good in LA, its along the way that i'm getting stuck with. Cheap lunch & dinner recs are greatly appreciated! I think i'll be in or around flagstaff, arizona for lunch and cortez, colorado for dinner.

Any kind of food will do, we're not too picky. american, chinese, japanese, thai, italian, french, spanish... along those lines. trying to avoid mexican, but if that's the only choice for the area, we'll take it. trying to decide if it's worth it to eat on the way, or just pack our own food.

thanks for your help!

Jun 17, 2008
eastcostFOODlover in Southwest

is Karaoke possible in the Lake Arrowhead/Big Bear area?

well that sucks... i got no recs. from you guys!! so here's what i experienced up in lake arrowhead this past weekend... i checked out the saddleranch - but that place was too overpriced, so we went to the thai restaurant in that village area on the lake. the thai place was pretty good. we brought our own wine, for a $10 corkage fee, but they do have a full bar if u want it. apparently fri & sat nite they clear half the restaurant and turn it into a dance floor w/ a middle-aged guy on a laptop pretending to be a dj. that was funny to watch. didnt stick around for it. but the music varied from beatles, to more recent shit. i dont think there is karaoke around that area. then sat. morning, we tried the waffle place in that same village area. it was good, a little crowded. i'm more of an egg fan, so it wasnt my ideal place. when i asked for the eggs benedict with the sauce on the side, they didnt seem to understand that, and just dumped the sauce right on it. but they were kind enough to take it back and redo it for me. if i ever go back, i'd probably try some of the other recs. i found on chowhound for breakfast places in big bear. there was a huge snowstorm sat nite, so we resorted to snackin in our cabin for dinner, and got the hell outta there on sun. morning. i forget the horror of driving on icy roads, with no visability from the fog & snow. and skiing at big bear was lame, too icy. i'll take colorado skiing over southern cali skiing any day!

Mar 20, 2008
eastcostFOODlover in California

Moving to Studio City

i have to respond against your Joe Peep's Pizza. i'm a HUGE fan of new york style pizza, or anything close to it out here. but Joe Peep's is just disgusting. i remember the crust was too peppery and tasted like cornmeal. if u want great pizza, and it has to be from the valley - get it from Mulberry Pizza in Encino.

is Karaoke possible in the Lake Arrowhead/Big Bear area?

Hi Chowhounders --
I'm staying in Lake Arrowhead this weekend for a birthday getaway. I've read all the listings for food recs in the arrowhead and big bear area, but didnt see much for bars. Can anyone recommend some fun places to check out - bars, karaoke, pool, etc. we're not huge beer drinkers, more into wine & cocktails. and just would like to find some fun places to check out on friday & saturday nites.
thanks for your help!

Mar 11, 2008
eastcostFOODlover in California

Moving to Studio City

i did mean "the artisan cheese gallery" - thanks!
as for Healthy Wok; i usually dont eat there, i prefer take out; but i really like their steamed chicken & brocolli dish
Bronco's has good enchiladas
I love the salmon sushi from Sumo's - i pretty much just eat that and their shrimp tempura roll. I haven't tried House of Taka - but definitely want to!
mr. GK in SO - just ripped Sumo a new A-hole, so i feel bad. but i love sumo - and have found the staff to be super friendly. they recognize me when i come in and are just really nice.
but i have been wanting to try new sushi places, so i'll have to try Taka.

Moving to Studio City

I've been in sherman oaks the past 3 yrs and here's my ongoing list of the area:

sumo sushi on van nuys blvd just north of magnolia has by far my favorite sushi (i know u really didnt ask for a sushi recom. but i had to tell cause they're awesome). big cuts of fish for very reasonably low prices.

there's a string a places along ventura -
la frite
15013 Ventura Blvd (btw. noble & kester aves)
great french place w/ amazing salads; burgers, soup, desserts - good date spot

kung pao
right next door to la frite
great chinese food and desserts - good date spot

healthy wok
across the street from kung pao in sherman oaks
great delivery/take out chinese

senor fred
13730 Ventura Blvd. (just west of woodman)
again good date spot; really dark inside; yummy mexican food - very fresh fish -- stay away from Max (their sister restaurant down the block; totally overpriced)

the great greek
13362 Ventura Blvd. (btw. dixie canyon & fulton)
awesome greek food

cafe bizou
14016 Ventura Blvd. (btw. hazeltine & colbath)
le petit bistro
next door to the Great Greek
They both have incredible french food, great service; but very high prices - so only have gone to each of them on special ocassions

4356 Woodman Ave (btw. ventura & moorpark)
really good mediterrean food; i have relatives that travel far & wide just for their food

Nat's - just has good cheap food. it's a good staple

corner of moorpark & woodman
great mexican food!

Henry's Tacos
corner of Tujunga & Moorpark
good taco stand for very american-ized tacos.

for mexican - stay AWAY from casa vega (it's pitch black in there; and the food is sub par) and while i've heard Mexicali on Ventura just west of Laurel Canyon is supposed to have great food, i wouldn't know, b/c when i went there for dinner once, i was seated and ignored for 25 minutes. so we just got up and left. havent been back.
Il Tiramisu - probably the most crappiest place that actually thinks they serve italian food. i come from an italian family and have visited italy - there's no way il tiramisu is italian food. just gross.

The Cheese shop
ventura just east of laurel canyon
great sandwhiches & amazing cheese selection

ventura just west of van nuys blvd.
totally decent italian food at cheap prices; good date spot

Caioti Pizza Cafe
4346 Tujunga Ave (just south of moorpark)
while i do like their pizza (i get them to go, b/c the service is too slow) - after i made a trip to nyc, and when i came back to LA, i went for some pizza here, it just left a bad taste in my mouth, b/c it's nothing like nyc pizza. but if you're away from the east coast for a while, this pizza can taste okay.

for pizza, i too prefer NY Style thin crust non-chainey place. another pizza joint in the valley that is pretty damn good - mulberry st. on ventura down in encino.
just FYI - in hollywood - Vito's (on la cienega) & Mr. Pizza (on fairfax) - yummy ny style pizza.

The Dressing Room
their salads are okay. i love great salads, and i feel like they're always just a hit below being a great salad. i would go to La Frite for a salad around the same price and be much happier with it.

i love finding brunch places - and havent found too many in the valley -
Jumpin Java
ventura (btw. laurel canyon & colfax)
always has delicious brunch - great everything; nice coffee bar

12851 Riverside Dr (just east of coldwater canyon)
great organic brunch selection - huge tea selection; never really waited too long to eat here

4120 Ventura Blvd (just west of hazeltine)
it's whatever. totally fine. i prefer going here on non-brunch hrs. on the weekend b/c it can be obnoxiously crowded. very non-spectacular food.

i heard Aroma Cafe is a great brunch spot - havent gone yet.
Let me know if u find other good brunch spots!

Special B-day Dinner!

thanks for ur recommendations... i know Mozza is booked up b/c of its popularity... i was just bummed i missed my chance for the bday dinner. We've gone to Angelini Osteria - really good. i've heard good things about All'Anegelo & JAR... thanks!

Special B-day Dinner!

Hi food friends ~

I'm looking for a great restaurant to take my boyfriend out to for his birthday in 2 weeks. We've both been wanting to try Pizzeria Mozza for a while - and I really wanted to take him there. but when i called to make a reservation, i found out that they're booked until 10p already. for a day that's over 2 weeks from now! what the flip? that's obnoxious of them. and i kinda want to hate them for that.

anywhoo - i'd love to get feedback from you guys for any recommendations, cause i'd like to try someplace new. we're both east coast peeps, and love that style of food. not into "fusion-type places". good italian, sushi, korean, chinese, or dare i say (gasp!) even american.

i'd like to go somewhere in the LA-hollywood area.

thanks guys :)

Looking for eats near LAX

I'll agree that the food at AXE is good. I've worked in that area for like a month, and ate there quite often for lunch. BUT they're totally overpriced. and i would not recommend to hit it up as a "close to the airport" eatery.