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The Met Food on Smith Street usually has them.

May 05, 2011
RBCG in Outer Boroughs

Diego in Carroll Gardens?

Ate there a couple of weeks ago on a Saturday night. Service was really unforgivably amateurish: Took over 30 minutes to get a cocktail I'd ordered, almost an hour for the food to arrive, and the entrees (4 people) all arrived at different times over a 10 minute period. There were some perfunctory apologies, but nothing more.

The food was not bad (better than something like California Taqueria, but not as good as a "real" Mexican place, either of the Manhattan or Sunset Park variety), but the prices seemed really out of whack: nine bucks for guacamole consisting of one avocado, 13 for three chicken tacos. I mean, they weren't bad, but nothing special, and that's a lot of money to avoid the trip to Matamoros or something similar. We'll never go back.

Mar 18, 2011
RBCG in Outer Boroughs

What did I have at Jing Fong?

Went to Jing Fong for dim sum yesterday, and had something I had never seen before in the many times I'd been there. It was a sort of smooth rice cake or pudding, served steamed in an earthenware bowl set in the small steamer. There were no eggs, and I think it was made from rice flour, with bits of pork and sausage inside, and topped with fried garlic and chile and a little soy sauce. It was a little like the packets of glutinous rice you get steamed in banana leaves, only smooth and , with the topping, more complex.

It was sublimely yummy - anyone know what it was, and what it might be called? Looking for a recipe, or it least to have it again...

Oct 19, 2009
RBCG in Manhattan

Queen on Court Street-What to order?

Agreed, Queen can be (note; can be) one of the best. Our rule of thumb is always order from the specials menu, and ignore the rather pedestrian regular menu. It would be a shame not to order pasta and an entree (not to mention some fabulous antipasti and salads) - i'd say order one of each course and share.

Jun 30, 2009
RBCG in Outer Boroughs

Best South Indian for group?

Any thoughts on the best south indian place for a large-ish group (10-11 people)?

Sounds like some of the best places (Saravanaas, etc.) may not be good for such a group. How's Chennai Gardens? Tiffin Wallah?

Any advise appreciated.

Mar 12, 2009
RBCG in Manhattan

finally made it to queen

We love Queen, and go whenever we can. When we go, we like to order sort of Italian-style: we get apps, salads, pastas and mains (primi and secondi), 1 for every two people. You get an wider array of food, and it ends up costing less.

Nov 20, 2008
RBCG in Outer Boroughs

Non-Spicy Options at Spicy and Tasty??

There's lots there for kids.

First of all, i found that if you are non-asian you may actually have to ask them to ramp up the spiciness in some cases. My kids loved the dan-dan noodles and the "spicy" chicken app, and neither were terribly spicy (not spciy enough for me, in fact).

Also, there's lots of non-spicy options, including soup, noodles, and various dumplings - my kids loved the boiled glutinous rice with black beans, and the fried sesame yam dumpling with sweet bean paste.

Sep 12, 2008
RBCG in Outer Boroughs

BBQ Smoking Woods

Tony's hardware on Smith Street has lately been carrying bags with large chunks of apple, pecan, oak, and other woods for smoking. Great stuff

Aug 10, 2008
RBCG in Outer Boroughs

Indian grocery/restaurants around BK Heights

Actually, Sahadi's does have a tiny selection of Indian condiments, including some chutneys and pickles and a couple of kinds of papadum. No substitute for Kalustyans or Patel Bros, but OK in a pinch.

Alas, basically no good Indian restaurants in the area.

Oct 19, 2007
RBCG in Outer Boroughs

South slope seafood market?

Any place to get decent seafood south of 9th street (raw, not cooked - looking for a market, not a restaurant)? Used to live in Cobble Hill, and am missing Fish Tales...

Oct 17, 2007
RBCG in Outer Boroughs