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English Muffins

I'm glad you were able to make the recipe work for you. Reading my comment I realize didn't make the right point. I meant to say the consistency of the recipe you used has a similar liquid and flour ratio as the batter recipe I use. I don't know why the instructions say to treat it as a bread dough when it's going to be a batter.

I also still prefer the texture and moisture I get from the batter dough. Bread dough English muffins always seemed too dry and chewy to me. But that's entirely a matter of personal taste.

First cheesecake, any tips?

Ooh, I think I might get one of these now. Thanks for the tip

First cheesecake, any tips?

Ha ha, me too, I feel like I use a mile of foil every time I make a cheesecake. I might look into the gasket pan someone recommended below.

First cheesecake, any tips?

The recipe looks great, I've never made this particular one before though, so here are some general tips.

Don't overbeat your batter. Unlike with most cakes, you do not want to add extra air bubbles. After adding the creme fraiche and eggs stir only until incorporated. Too much air can cause an uneven surface and cracking.

Parchment paper is helpful along the sides of the pan for easy release. You won't damage the pan or the cake by cutting them apart. You can put some on the bottom of the pan if you want to remove the whole cake. I can't think of a situation when parchment paper does not help.

Do not overbake. As the recipe says, the cake will not be firm all the way through. When you take it out it will look about 2/3 done.

If you are using a 10 inch pan instead of the 9 suggested, your cake will be significantly thinner so decrease the baking time. But good choice on a quality aluminum pan.

This recipe uses a 250F temperature instead of a water bath, to heat the cake slowly and evenly. Don't be tempted to keep the temperature up, or the cake will crack.

And even though this doesn't apply to this recipe, if you use a water bath, get heavy duty aluminum foil. Double wrap the pan to prevent leaks. Heck even triple wrap it.

Good luck.

Head on shrimp?

Agree with youarebunny, shells taste best when crisp.

If you are steaming them, don't bother to keep the shells, they won't have that satisfying crunch. But the back half of the head "neck" of the shrimp has the good stuff, at least try some of that before throwing the head away.

And you don't need to eat the whole shell, Even though in China we always leave the shell on, not everyone eats it. Some eat the shell on the body but leave the tail fin and head. Others put the whole thing in their mouth and spit out the shell after. Some people even peel their shrimp.

English Muffins

Thanks for the link.

I don't think the problem is with the ratio, but the instructions for the recipe. I use an Alton Brown recipe that is about the consistency of muffin batter. Instead of rolling the dough into balls the dough I pour it into 2.5 inch metal biscuit cutters. Also the dough only takes 3-5 minutes on a medium griddle.

After trying several recipes I find the batter ones taste best, you don't get the correct crumb texture or air pockets with a thicker dough. Hope that helps in the future.

Islamic-Chinese Sesame Bread Recipe?

Even though its an old thread, Thanks for the recipes!

My mom grew up in Xinjiang and used to make zhi ma da bing all the time. I have been craving some for months. Its almost impossible to find either of the breads in North American.

Uses for Cumberland sauce

I like the yogurt idea, I recently mixed some with plain yogurt as a sauce for bbq lamb. It was pretty tasty.

Uses for Cumberland sauce

Cumberland sauce with baked chicken sounds nice.

Also it's interesting that emeril uses 3 times the port as Delia from the first link does.

I'll need definitely make some changes before using it for dinner. Thanks

Uses for Cumberland sauce

Just opened the jar to try with a lamb chop. It does need tweaking. Currently it tastes like sugar and red dye #3. Ha ha

Uses for Cumberland sauce

Recently received a bottle from a Brit and was wondering what I should do with it.

Google tells me it's a currant sauce served cold with meats.
Can I just spoon it on turkey like cranberry sauce? Can I eat it with crackers and cheese, or does that break some taboo?

Unique or traditional suggestions are all welcome, please help.

African Safari Restaurant Edmonton

located near Grant Mac:
10610 105 Street NW
Edmonton, AB

This place isn't new, but I thought it deserves some spotlight. The board is looking pretty empty anyway.

Stopped by for lunch with a friend and was surprised that this place is unknown. The name and tacky African decor are nothing special but the food is wonderful and they give you huge portions.

African Safari serves traditional Somalian suwars, camel and goat meat along with rice, pasta, mufo or chabati bread. The meat also includes soup, salad, banana, and mango juice all for under $17, including tip! The rice was delicately seasoned with cardamom, onions and raisins, the mango juice was cool and sweet. I definitely recommend the off-menu camel special, if you are feeling adventurous. It was filled with flavorful spices I can't even describe. Most of the meal we got to take home, because they give you so much.

I am so glad I stumbled upon this modest joint. Don't be fooled by it's appearance. Give this place a try if you are in the area.

Where to buy noodles in YEG?

K and K German market in Whyte has some nice European egg noodles. But that's probably still out of your way. Sorry, can't think of anything closer.

Working off the previous suggestion, there is an Asian grocery Lucky Supermarket on 13851-127 Street. But I'm not sure if they carry egg noodles.

Edmonton Downtown Dining Week

Yeah, some are much better than other though. I hope people add their reviews after they visit.

Edmonton Downtown Dining Week

Some of the downtown restaurants are having special $15, 25 or $50 meal specials starting this Friday.

If any Edmonton chowhounds want to try something new or a place that is normally too expensive here is your chance. The link to the info is below:


Maclean's 50 best restuarants in Canada

Yeah, I think Tres Carnales gets a lot of extra points for atmosphere and eccentricity in Edmonton. And the fresh taste of the food makes it interesting.

On a tangent, I'm really disappointed in the Montreal list. I had only heard of one of the restaurants before.

I wonder how Maclean's decided on the list. Did certain restaurants provide incentive? How does the taste of food compare to the service and atmosphere? Overall not impressed with the choices.

Avenue Edmonton 25 Best Things to Eat

Eek, thanks for the heads up.

Avenue Edmonton 25 Best Things to Eat

I've never had food there, but now I'll have to try them.

Avenue Edmonton 25 Best Things to Eat

Linked here: http://www.avenueedmonton.com/article...

The list places chef Gail Hall and CBC radio restaurant reviewer Twyla Campbell favourite things to eat in Edmonton each year.

Just wondering what chowhounds thought of last year's list and ideas of what deserves to go on this years.

Personally, I disagree with Ouzia's Patata's Bravas as a pick. The patatas bravas was 3 baby potatoes cut in half and pan fried. But nothing exceptional enough to be on the 25 best, especially for the price.

Lemon curd whole egg or yolk

I do both depending on the mood. Just using the yolks tends to be thinner, creamier, but taste heavier. Adding the whites gives you a lighter fresher thicker product.

So usually whites added if I'm using it for toast, light cakes, tarts. Anything when you need a firm base and you are mixing flavors. Just yolks, for topping, sauces, heavy cakes (pound, lava) or anything when you want the lemon curd as the central flavor of the dish.

Even though some people think adding whites is sacrilege, I do like the lighter taste, makes me feel less guilty spooning it on everything. And no need to make a meringue or sponge cake with the leftovers.

Authentic recipe for mapo tofu?

I was just going to add, that when my mom makes it at home (grandparents from Szechuan) she uses a a chili oil.

She also makes the chili oil herself with Szechuan, chili, peanuts etc and adds the actual chilies to the dish. But I think the idea of adding chili oil to spice up the dish doesn't make it unauthentic, the recipe just assumes you don't have a Chinese mom to make the peppercorn oil for you : )

Good tamales in Edmonton?

Sorry, I don't actually have a tamale suggestion. I just wanted to ask you about Rancho. I did not know there were any good tamale places in Edmonton.

Did you mean El Rancho the Spanish place? Never been there and this seems like a good excuse to check it out. Thanks for the tip.

Tres Carnales - Edmonton

Agree that the service is bad when they get busy. Last time I had lunch with a friend, they forgot her drink, and my side dish. We waited an extra 20 min because they messed up four orders before us.

Yes the staff are friendly and the food is fresh, but I often feel they need practice in providing timely service.

YEG- Salmon coating at Sushi restaurants ?

I assumed the fish was pan fried first and they coated for a crunch. but you do have a point.

Was the actual sauce crunchy veloxsea? Did it have a coating of any kind?

Strawberry Pie Recipe?

Here is another fresh strawberry pie that love. Goes great with fresh whipped cream. Also though the recipe uses frozen raspberries, I just substitute strawberries and increase the raspberry jam to up the amount of strawberry.

Shui Zhu Yu (Sichuan Boiled Fish) Recipe?

If you find a good recipe, can you share it? Pretty Please?

coconut oil?

It's so good on popcorn, coconut oil is what gives theatre popcorn it's smell.
And if it doesn't bother your husband, you can put in in anything in place of butter.

Veggie gelatin with stabilizers?

I think agar is the best substitute for gelatin in cold dishes as it can be substituted equally in powdered form. If you can only find flakes, the substitution is a bit different though.

The texture is a bit firmer, chewy? compared to gelatin, but you'll be heating it so that won't matter.

Also agar does dissolve and melt at a higher temperature. Unlike gel you have to boil it and heat it for a long time to get it to melt, so your dumplings would need be steamed or boiled, simmering probably won't be enough to melt the gel again.

So, maybe use a carageen gel instead if you are heating the mixture? Sorry, I don't know how well other gels work under heat. What temperature will your dumplings be cooking in?

Best, moist, flavorful pork loin roast. How do I make it?

Not really a recipe, but whatever recipe we use, I always cover the loin in several pieces of bacon. It adds a tasty, crispy coating and helps prevents the loin from getting dry.

Storing Glazed Baked Goods

Since you said that you are leaving your baked goods uncovered, I'd recommend glazing sooner to prevent they from drying out on the inside, and the top will have time to harden. Because once you put the glaze on and cover it, it tends to stick.

So if storing them in an air sealed container, wait to glaze until a few hours before, and let harder, if you are leaving uncovered the whole time, glaze earlier?

But I'd also like to add, that I live way up north, so I have no idea how humid it is in Florida. If I don't cover my muffins, they turn into rocks.