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YOU GOTTA EAT HERE on the Food Network

That would be fun to watch! Too bad the host wasn't there. It would be nice to hear what he's like off camera. I find him very funny. I've seen him as a stand up comedian and he cracks me up. Maybe you have to have an Italian connection to get his humor? But I love the quick moment in the commercials for the show where a voice says, "tell me how you really feel" and he looks at the camera and simply says "ohhh!" Just the way he says it cracks me up every time.

Jan 26, 2012
Bluebanana in Food Media & News

YOU GOTTA EAT HERE on the Food Network

Anyone else catch this new show? I really enjoyed FINALLY seeing a DINERS, DRIVE-INS and DIVES type show for Canada! Host, John Catucci is clever and entertaining IMO. Look forward to comparing notes with places I've been.

Jan 07, 2012
Bluebanana in Food Media & News

Shawarmas in Toronto

I heard about Arax Shawarma recently too and plan to give it a shot next time I'm in the beaches. Please post if you get there first. I really enjoyed Liberty Shawarma my last visit. Some other great recommendations on here as well.