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Top 5 Cheap Eats Healthy Fairfield County

Why wait 'til it's warmer? I've also been several times and have enjoyed it. The pita with dips are a great entree, as are the zucchini. My friend loved his salmon, and the lamb I got was very good! It's a lovely place.

Top 5 Cheap Eats Healthy Fairfield County

In Stamford, I like Capriccio for salads and soups.
In Greenwich, Meli-Melo has even better soups and good salads. It's packed at lunch, though, every day.

Sienna, Stamford

Oh, the service at Siena. I often feel like I am annoying them by being there.
I once got the chicken/sausage dish and really liked it- not wild about meals that are ONLY composed of meat, with no veggies/starch, but it really was tasty.
Their house salad is generous; I appreciate that.

Darien update.

I think it's excellent. I've been twice. Lobster mac and cheese, fine. Scallops and risotto, awesome! Desserts were a bit of a let down though- just average. We got, I think, pecan pie and something chocolatey. Nice place to go when you feel like easy parking and a good meal.

Fin II - Stamford/Japanese

Yes, same Fin as in Fairfield. I heard good things about that one but have never been. I'd guess they are pretty similar; they opened the Stamford one because the F'fld one was successful.

Restaurant Week Stamford '09 - Anyone Partaking?

I also took a pass. Only Market got my attention, and I never made it out!
I completely agree with adamclyde that NO places looked like a good financial deal; I'd rather choose my food, in that case, than have a prix fixe. I hope places step it up in August, when the next resto week will take place.
Adam if you try the fish and chips at SBC, I'd love to hear how you liked. I tried fish and chips at Mackenzie's on High Ridge and it was abysmal.

Fin II - Stamford/Japanese

I also visit Fin II regularly! I have had no problems with the sushi and really like their house green salad. Their dumplings/gyoza are also good. Fin II has replaced Kotobuki as our "low-key but very tasty" Japanese option.
I agree that for a fancier atmosphere, Duo is the place for Japanese. It's nice to have both options downtown.

Stamford Lunch: Barfood that's better than barfood

I have enjoyed my salads at Bradford's, and I seem to recall they also have sweet potato fries!

City Limits Stamford

I've had a few forgettable meals here, but I did like the grilled veggie sandwich!

Bravo, Aria

I also give the place a mixed review.

Good: waitress was fantastic, servers all attentive but not overly so. I liked the candle-lit atmosphere and didn't find it too noisy, but the place was only half-full. My eggplant parm rollup app was very good although could have been cooked a little longer. One more major up for the place is that I thought the prices were very fair.

Mixed: my husband's cantaloupe was not great in the proscuitto app, and my risotto tasted much more brothy than cheesy. It felt more like a microwave meal than a proper risotto.

I would go back, especially to try the gnocchi that Lou recommended. As we were leaving, the place was filling up and had nice energy.

I agree with jrlpking that this is NOT the place for a quiet romantic dinner, but my husband and I felt like we had a lot of privacy at our table because the other tables were pretty far away. I liked having the buzz of people around me, but not so close that I could hear their conversations or feel like they could overhear mine.

Egane & Clive's on Bedford Street, Stamford

I went to Egane once and found it VERY pricy. A teeny order of beef was over 20 bucks, and I don't recall it coming with much else to round out the meal. Is my memory faulty? Can you get a decent amount of food for under 20 bucks there?

Margot's in Stamford anywho been there lately

I have not stopped in recently because:

1. it always seems to be closed
2. my husband is not wild about the food
3. for a casual dinner, it can be a little pricey (only had dinner once there, though.)

We used to go a lot on Saturday for lunch, but they always seemed to be out of the quiche of the day!

Market Restaurant in Stamford? How Is It

I'm pretty much a rabid Duo fan. If I were not afraid of mercury in fish, I'd go there more often. I Love the tuna app so much. I have to get it when I go- therefore cannot go too often lest I feel sad watching other people eat the tuna pizza and its possible mercury. I'm going this weekend, so we'll see if it still has its pizzazz! Tuna pizza, here I come.

Stamford Pre-Theater Dinner Recs?

For cheaper food that's still healthy and in a classy environment, I always go to Capriccio on Bedford; they are pretty fast, too, and have a full bar! Market and Duo are fun food and great dining, but pricier.

Stamford Mall Anyone like the New Restaurants?

Glad you posted- I was just thinking how much I like the new Borders/Mall Restos set up and was feeling a little guility for falling for the chain glitz, but oh well. Hard to hate a restaurant that's right beside a bookstore.

I have liked the service at PF Cheng's, and gosh darnit if white wine does not go well with spicy food. I've been there twice and the food is always tried and true- good enough for a chain for me! I was not wowed with my salmon at Mitchell's, but two friends raved about it last week.

Duo: New Stamford Restaurant

Yeah- Jimmy is awesome.
Louuu- I'm going this weekend and will get what you got. I've already had them once/twice/thrice and those are my favorites at Duo.

I do see the point about the language barrier. I myself don't mind that because language is my thing and I'm not embarrassed to say, "WHAT?" if I don't understand what someone says. I'll ask it three times- not rudely- but I hate pretending like I understand someone if I don't. I find that at Duo, if something is unclear, the waiter will go get someone else if they need to.

Hugos Mexican, Stamford???

Eek! Not the most ringing endorsement.

Knipschildt on 123 in Norwalk

I lived near there for a year and never saw any activity. I'm always thought it was a distribution center of some sort.

Dunn's Loft in Stamford?

It's weird, I can't remember if they do. I want to say no. Usually I am pretty distracted by sports on TV, so I'd remember if Dunn's had one.
Sports on TV = bad if trying to pay attention to who you're with.
Sports on TV= good if you're with someone boring, bc you have something to think about while the other person is droning on.

Need good breakfast/brunch place near Stamford

I'm kind of with you on Brasitas.
I went for lunch and it was awesome. I forget what appetizer we had but it went great with the Brahma beer. It was a sunny winter day and and all was well.
However, when I took the husband there a week later, dinner was pricier than I expected and my shrimp didn't look freshly made.
I'd go back, but probably for lunch and not dinner.

Bulls Head Market - Norwalk, CT

He works down near Shippan, so I just passed along your rec. Thanks!
Now that you mention it, I do recall seeing Bull's Head signs on Summer. I guess that's a good location for the office building workers. I wonder how parking will be on the weekend near the deli though.

Best International markets, FFD & Westchester

jfood, what's your local paper so I can see the review you mentioned recently on another thread that I now can't find?

Food and Divorce in the NY Times

In this weekend's Modern Love column, a woman writes about how her and her husband's food routines mirrored the decline of their marriage. Chowhounds know that food is a big part of marriage, so here it is:

Bulls Head Market - Norwalk, CT

That's right near Valencia Luncheria, so when that place is jam-packed for lunch, you can go to Bull's Head. I think Bull's Head, at least the old one, was hands-down fabulous. My husband is constantly whining about how Stamford has no good delis now that BH has moved. (And I'm sorry but I did not love Giovanni's! But then again, BH is high-end, and Giovanni's is traditional.)

I'm amazed that DD is closed! Thank goodness. It was a traffic disaster at 730 am when I had the misfortune to live in that area for a year. (Sorry, Norwalk, but that was a bad year.)

Sabatiello's in Stamford

Not sure but I'll post when I find out. It's not on my TiVo so it doesn't look like the new season's set up.
Paula T, what do you mean 'have two names?' Like one downstairs and one upstairs? That upstairs is HUGE so I can see why the owner would want to split up the place.
Geez so is the own ripping off Dunn's Loft?

Zinc Closed?

Andrea, what was the title of the article so I can find it on the site? The link takes me to the home page.

Popovers does anyone serve them anymore?

I'm fairly certain that what I had at Saltwater Grille in Stamford were popovers. They are FREE, so that should offset the expensive food. They were very good, I thought. Service was very sketchy both times we ate there last summer- one time inattentive, one time outright rude. And don't eat outside at sunset when it's warm unless you'd like to sweat through your clothes.

Best Cheese Fairfield County

There's a new resto called Deli Side?

Best International markets, FFD & Westchester

Main Street/Walgreens in what town?
There's a Japanese market off exit 5 in Greenwich- go left off the exit (95 S).

Monster's B's Stamford CT

Whaaaaaaaat? How is there a new resto in Stamford without me noticing?
From the looks of the site, they DO have good music. Jen Durkin (Wednesdays) is well known and her friends are talented. I'll be there ASAP, as good live music is, in my opinion, one of the big things missing from Stamford. Thurs is open Mike, and they have music Friday and Saturday. AND, I bet they have free parking. I can't picture where the place is, but I'm sure I can find it!

nbermas, thanks for the tip!