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Best L.E.O. in San Francisco?

Does anyone know a good L.E.O. (lox, onion & eggs) in San Francisco? Wise Sons has a good version and I've heard Zazie has one on the menu as well. Saul's in Berkeley has a great version, but it is a bit of a schlep.

Comal - Berkeley

Looks like they soft launched a couple days ago and open fully tomorrow:

Ethiopean - Berkeley/Oakland?

My favorite is Cafe Eritrea d'Afrique on Telegraph. Cafe Colucci is a good standby for when Cafe Eritrea is closed. There is something a little more Americanized about Colucci that I can't put my finger on.

Saison weekend prices?

They haven't switched to their ticketed price yet. Right now their menu varies by number of courses and ingredients they're using except for the Chef's Counter which is the same price every day. I'm not sure how much actual variation there is with the regular seating.

With the ticketed pricing, you'll be able to see if there is a price difference between weekend and weekdays since you pay in advance like a theater ticket. I believe it'll be a lot like Next in Chicago in that respect.

Driving from Albuquerque to Santa Fe to Taos, where to stop?

Hi all! I'm going to New Mexico for the first time over Thanksgiving weekend and driving up to Taos for a little early season snowboarding (snow willing). Are there any must see detours on the way there or back I should check out? On the first day we'll be going to Santa Fe from Albuquerque and then up to Taos for a couple days and then back to Albuquerque. Ideas?

Nov 14, 2011
aloisius in Southwest