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Birthday Dinner - Toms River Area

Looking for a nice place for a family dinner for my Mom's 85th birthday. Should be something with a varied menu so everyone can find something that they like. In the mid-price range. Will be a Saturday afternoon. We are all coming from the north so we'd like to not go too much further south than Tom's River. Someplace by the water would be nice. Thanks.

Aug 24, 2012
unvrslrmte in New Jersey

Office Party Recommendations (Newark area)

Looking for a recommendation within a 15 minute radius of Newark to take my staff of 10 for dinner to celebrate the holidays. Something nice/fun without being too uptight/fancy. Looking for a place where people can let their hair down a little bit and relax, rather than worry about using the right fork :-)

Will be a Monday night. Will need to be able to accommodate us at a large table.


Nov 13, 2011
unvrslrmte in New Jersey