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Restaurants in Buenos Aires

Hope you haven't already come and gone!

Buenos Aires is full of interesting food. I wouldn't say its all good (basic food can be very, well, basic) but gastronomy has really stepped up its game recently in the city (lived here on and off for two years).

La Cabrera is still very good and arguably the best part is the endless side dishes that they give you (salads, mashed potato/butternut squash, creamed spinach, zucchini gratin and beyond). Steaks are huge and more than enough to share when you add in all the sides. Provoleta (grilled cheese) is also delicious! Cheaper than Cabana las Lilas. Call to reserve or expect to wait (although with snacks and champagne).

For a something totally different try out a closed door restaurant (or puerta cerrada). Its basically a reservations only meal with only a few people and the chef. Here is a bit more info on what that is exactly:

Here is a an article that lists 5 puerta cerradas: I have only personally tried Casa Felix, but it was very good and interesting food.

Another cuisine that shouldn't be missed is japanese/peruvian fusian or just upscale peruvian. Obviously the best place for this would be Peru, but we take what we can get. One of the better know places is Osaka, which is international. Delicious, but not cheap.
Sipan and Astrid y Gastron are two of the better known and rated upscale peruvian places (although the latter is technically peruvian/french).

And for more ideas take a look at this young woman's blog: Its got very good suggestions and should be 100% trusted for the most part.

Hope that helps!

Cartagena, Colombia: Cheap Amazing Eats?

I will be visiting a friend who is living in Bogota, Colombia in the end of March and we will be visting Bogota, Santa Marta and Cartagena for a couple of days.

Does anyone know of any cheap and amazing eats in Cartagena in particular, emphasis on the cheap? I've already heard all I need to know about La Cevicheria (too much hype; I think I'll pass) and all the other restaurants listed on the NYC Travel section for Cartagena. They are really much higher prices than I am looking for anyway.

Thanks for the suggestions!

Good, reasonably priced Italian in Washington, DC

DC proper for now, but wouldn't mind some that are outside, though close, to DC for the future too.

Good, reasonably priced Italian in Washington, DC

I am looking for a good, reasonably priced, maybe family-style Italian restaurant in Washington DC. Bucca de Pepo is too cheesy for my taste and Maggiano too much of a chain. Any one have any suggestions? I would love something that feels more home made for a good price!

Ideas for Home Made Holiday Presents in a Bottle

Thanks for all the wonderful ideas! I think I am leaning towards a ginger syrup. It sounds festive, creative, and easy enough. Now to make a label....

Dec 01, 2011
oamter in Home Cooking

Cabbage: favorite ways to cook?

Indian onion and cabbage! Or stir fried and topped with a bit of soy sauce at the end.

Nov 12, 2011
oamter in Home Cooking

Ideas for Home Made Holiday Presents in a Bottle

I am looking for holiday gift ideas! I have 4 pretty, blue, small neck bottles that hold about 16 ounces each. The photo is of the exact bottle, without the label of course!

I was thinking maybe a flavored olive oil or some type of vinaigrette, but am open to something more creative. I am trying to stay away from liquors as I am not 100% sure if it would be appropriate. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!

Nov 12, 2011
oamter in Home Cooking