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What do you put down the garbage disposal?

I believe they are for garbage that would make your garbage can smell if it had to sit for awhile. I don't put meat in there though, I freeze it then put it in trash as close to collection time as possible. It makes no sense to be afraid of it. The main problem is not running enough water when u grind food. Hey eat the potato skins w/ur potatoes.

Jul 09, 2014
hvnbndw in Cookware

Who makes the best frozen pot pie?

Just tried Trader Joe's chicken pot pie yesterday. Yuck! It tasted like peas. Nothing but peas. I thought of giving it to my cat since she likes peas. Someone should open a retaurant that makes just pot pies. There was one in Bellflower, CA but it went out of business a few years ago. You could buy 4 pies for $10.00 to take home. Like Marie Callender's but, had a reaction to too much salt, even though it tasted great!

Oct 22, 2012
hvnbndw in General Topics

Reusing deep frying oil? What are "the rules"?

The problem with refrigerating oil is when to use it. My mom put a saucepan full of oil on the stove straight from the fridge and as it heated it went up like an automic bomb onto the ceiling. No one got hurt but soooo dangerous! It must be left out till room temperature when using large quantities that are cold.

Nov 22, 2011
hvnbndw in Home Cooking

Eatalian - new and exciting Italian in the South Bay

This is gourmet food. Everything about the restaurant incliuding the location adds to the uniqueness and experience of this upper scale Italian restraunt. Little is more when using quality ingredients. Those that like alot of gooey pizzas will not like it and should thus go elsewhere. This is real Italian not fake Italian. This is Gardena and it's a great location. If it's not to your liking go somewhere else. We love everything about it, even the cans of tomato sauce. This is no mistake, we get it. It's a great place. Thanks for the location!!!

Nov 12, 2011
hvnbndw in Los Angeles Area