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One night with a car in South Beach - what's a nice drive to a worthy destination?

Well, American Airlines conspired to rob us once more of an entire day of our lives, so the car was used to make a mad and starving dash down the freeway from Ft. Lauderdale at 8 p.m. Instead of a leisurely afternoon jaunt. And many remained behind roaming the canyons of DFW, so we were lucky. We walked right around the corner and had a lovely meal, and kind welcome at Tongue and Cheek. As it only opened Monday, hard to say how it will turn out, but they are on best behavior right now. The pâté was delicious and the crispy pig ear lettuce wraps were both rich and light at the same time. My husband loved the fish and chips; I'm not such a fan, but the fries were kick ass.

More importantly, thanks for the Sardinia rec. We walked over from the Standard. It was a very mellow sidewalk scene. I had some mini stuffed burratas and husband had the 3 course lunch special. The asparagus soup is great. That bread basket is enough to make a meal, with the Parmesan "spread." Not sure what to call it, never had that before. Also the wine list was very fun to peruse, and the quartinos are just the perfect size for lunch. Thanks again for the recommendations!

One night with a car in South Beach - what's a nice drive to a worthy destination?

It was cheaper to rent a car for one day than take a cab from FLL to SoFi. So Thursday night, we will have a fancy car to sport around in before we turn it in at Avis the next morning.

We will be staying for several days in South Beach, and have lots of great ideas from the posts here, but we just can't decide among the mainland options - anything within about 30 minutes or so (each way)? I was thinking about River Oyster, but I know that's not really "a drive." Does anything spring to mind? Husband and I are way into seafood, sushi. A view and/or outdoor seating would be sweet, but the food part has priority over atmosphere.

Oh, and one more thing - we are getting mani/pedis at the Standard Spa on Friday morning. What do you guys think of the food options there? Would you stay for lunch or go elsewhere?

Thanks - you guys have a great board.

Country ham -- how to cook it?

I did a Thanksgiving country ham several years ago - can't remember what specific supplier, but it was Kentucky; I did full-on soaking/changing in plain water for three days, then the simmering water on the stop top approach based on weight, then the pineapple brown sugar glaze briefly at the end; it was awesome and impressive to the guests - yes, pig candy! But, even soaking and changing water, it was definitely still a salty item. If it hadn't been soaked, I can see it having been inedible.
Today, I've just ordered a whole one from, and I intend also to soak. I'll report back to compare my Southeast (North Carolina) experience vs. my Kentucky experience. Frankly, I"m scared not to soak, no matter where its from. It's a lot of money to spend on a ham, and I don't see how soaking could harm it, even if it was less salty than the Kentucky ham. It just seems like risk aversion.

Nov 12, 2011
Michele_H in Home Cooking